Posted Friday, August 31, 2012 05:14 AM

Don't Trust College TV

analysts    never bet on their predictions

 just remember years of watching these college analysts forecast shows a month before the season

 which ever way  these guys sway your opinion ,Just    go the opposite way,  you will win  most of the time,  if not all the time  

caught one of these shows and they were talking about Washington state 

and how they had the offensive talent  and combined this with the  great offensive mind of  Mike leach,  and you have a high power scoring team ..

had a laugh when I saw they only  scored 6 points .

this is why i won't bet college football till at least the 3 wk of season to many changes too many teams,

  only be guessing to beat these point spreads 

  better to wait and watch some games. 

Posted Sunday, August 26, 2012 06:17 AM


 Down below is a link  from an article on how bad the Patriots Offense looks .
 What this  writer dosen't  understand is  that this is TOM  BRADY.
  CHECK DOWN TOM  throws 83% of his passes 0-10 yds why people and teams   haven't anyone caught on to this yet is beyond me .
  Its the  up tempo 0-10 YDS  no huddle  crap that has beat up on  all the STINK in the NFL . 
  Has the stink  in the league finally caught up with the fact that CHECK DOWN TOM  can't throw the ball downfield  to save his life ? 
 In last years playoffs  and superbowl  Balls  Brady threw 20 yds in the air or longer,  he was 0-13 with 2 INTs
 How  pathetic is  that Stat ?  You will never hear  number 1  Brady kiss Asser John Gruden mention this fact.
My reference to the STINK in the league , is the patriots regular season   schedule  Miami Buffalo Jets 18-36 SU last year now ADD JAX ,INDY and  ST LOUIS  9-39 SU  
So in 9 of the PATS game this year their opponents were 27-75 SU last year . ITS A BIG STINKFEST  
Once again the PATRIOTS will play only 3 teams this year who's record   was over 500 last year 
 I expected the Patriots to go 13-3 once again this year without beating a team over 500  and  not winning a playoff game . 
But could this be the ... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 25, 2012 07:33 AM

UCLA Jim L Mora era

Mora was horrible coach in the NFL , and as a TV analyst  he was equally as bad ,

 the good thing about him getting this  UCLA  job is i don't have to see or hear this guy on the NFL network  anymore .

no question in my mind if his father wasn't an NFL coach we never would  have  heard of this guy .

Mora was to be the savior of Seattle now its UCLA although they have alot of returners  I expect the same result , .he will bomb here ,

   will always feel good about any   of my  bets going against this guy .

Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 08:03 AM

Monday night football

I  don't bet pre season games  and will not bet this game , but for those who do  just want to pass this on .
 Philly opens the season vs Cleveland WEEK 1 
 They also will play cleveland  in thier 3rd pre season game and the 3rd pre season game as you know is the one pre season game that teams play the starters longer and treat this game more as a real game and tuneup to start  the season .
Because of this circumstance  Andy Reid has thoughts of playing the starters longer and treating  this 2nd preseson game like the 3rd. 

 and where neither the Browns  or Eagles  will want to show each other anything this makes sense .
Another thing  to consider is that the patriots will have 3 pre season games in the next 9 day playing tonight sunday and  then wednesday . so i wouldn't expect the starters to go long tonight for the PATS .

Because of all these factors i think think its possible there could be value in taking the Eagles in this game tonight .

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Posted Sunday, August 12, 2012 09:31 PM

St Louis Rams

have to think this team really sucks again this year 

 they will have a couple more 2-14 seasons here before Fisher gets fired.

 .i know it was preseason but  the great Jeff Fisher coming to a team who couldn't score points last year 

 put up 3 points in 1st preseason  is funny 

.same boring team all dink n dunk from bradford 

this is a team i will only go against , and using in  teaser plays  threw out season 

Posted Friday, August 10, 2012 10:18 PM


 JETS bad showing as i see it,  

  Tony sparano as offensive coach it boogles the mind how you can hire a coach whose team started 0-7 last year and could not score points and got fired . why him ???

no more Rex Ryan spin if they suck again this year .

Posted Friday, August 10, 2012 07:46 AM

Rookie Sleeper

Nick Foles played on a bad Arizona team with a Knucklehead coach Bob Stoops who got fired during season .

Foles is 6 "5"  240   stands in pocket,  good arm and can throw deep ball  good find in 3rd round 

 Vick,  who always gets hurt  

Foles will get  chance , someone to look for  

Posted Tuesday, August 07, 2012 01:48 AM

Brandon Weeden

 Weeden named starter today , not a good move by the Browns,  i think he's a downgrade from Mcoy 

Weeden   what he showed me playing against a group of horrible defensive teams in the big 12 with a receiver as talented as  blackmon  was not that  impressive. .

The Browns drafted him high and because he's  28  their thinking he's mature and its his time 

 i question weeden  arm strenght ?  he threw a lot of Quick short  slants against bad defenses . never saw anything great as far as his arm .

The browns think they have the next Andy Dalton the only simularity will be   the Red Hair 

I think Cleveland is good    Fade team this year even with the high spreads .

 Philly looking good to me in week 1  - 9 

 caution  lets see how pre season goes 

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