Posted Sunday, September 26, 2010 09:48 AM



this will be one of the few times this year that the Giants will be laying points , this Giants team is a train wreck waiting to happen , among the worst defensives last year , look for this to continue , the fact that the Giants can't run the ball anymore makes this a really bad team.



the absolute worst 2-0 team is the Chiefs , this is the same stinky team we have seen in the past , special teams , torrential rain storms , and smoke and mirrors won't help today .




Posted Friday, September 24, 2010 11:14 AM



VT won the last years matchup  handily 48-14 ,and what was once a competitve rivalry in the last decade , has now gone the way of VT  if we are to believe that Boise state is a top 5 team , consider that VT almost won the game with Boise , BC is not close to competing at that level .


NEVADA  -3.5

Chris Ault is an offensive geru , and Colin Kaepernick  is certainly quite a player,  hitting on 70% and puting up 49 , 51 , and 52 points in 3 games , put that with BYU starting a true freshman at QB , on a team that in their first 3 game have scored 23, 14 , and 10 points ,can't see BYU being able to keep up with Nevada's ability to put up points  .




Old miss is bad ....... when you can't beat  Jackson state at home  and get beat by Vanderbilt at home by 14 , how can you beat Fresno State ?



ARIZONA  - 6.5

When you can beat an IOWA team who lost 1 game last year by this number , why shouldnt this be an easy win against a Cal team who looked like shit on  the road last week vs Nevada  losing by 22 .



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Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 05:38 AM

JETS PATS thoughts and pick


JETS + 3 

wont need the points Jets win SU


Public perception of these two teams  is that the Patriots are on their way to a win another division title and playoff apearance ,  while the Jets are all smoke and mirrors .

everyones coming up with this assumption just from one game . but i dont beleive most people are looking at this right .

The Pats always win their opening home games,  the bengals sucked Carson Palmer especially , no surprise

The Jets lost by 1 point to a team that destoyed the the patriots in last years wildcard card game , if fact it was 24-0 in the first quarter .

 Sanchez really sucks everyone says , he didnt look good granted,  but consider who he was playing against , he had a higher QB rating then Brady did facing the Ravens , Brady was the worst QB in the playoffs last year( 3 ints 1 fumble) he took the pats out of any chance of being competitive in the game .

Brady and the patriot offense will have trouble moving the ball,  dont be fooled by all the hype of the pats offense  they sucked on the road all last year,  these arent the glory days anymore for Brady and the pats .

The Real Frauds will be exposed this week,  and the public perception will change once again ,





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Posted Saturday, September 11, 2010 11:40 PM

NFL best bet sunday


look for a SU win from the bengals here , with a c to b performance from Carson Palmer , anyway the points make this a very attractive bet ,

the patriot's defense will be severely challeged all season . don't be brain washed by all that say Brady is still an elite QB , he's on the downside bigtime

the fact is Brady sucked last year and was the worst QB out of all in the playoffs , his performace in the Ravens playoff game was parthetic

take the points


Posted Monday, September 06, 2010 06:43 PM

NCAAF best bet labor day



getting a point with Boise St is just short of stealing


 BOISE   49-4 SU in the last 4 years

 Kellen Moore   26-1 SU in college career starts .

 Boise returning 12 of 12 starters on offense and 11-of 12 on defense .

V TECH much younger on defense .....will be no match , for the much more experienced and talented offense of the bronco's

V TECH    the kicking game and special teams (beamerball) could be down with two new freshmans at the helm


bottom line

BOISE STATE can do something that never have had a chance  to do  which is control their on destiny, in terms of a championship bid .  i cant see this team losing that chance tonight .

 Peterson has  been focusing on this game for months , just like he focused on oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl , his team is always well prepared that how you go 49-4









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