Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2011 06:19 AM

Minnesota Vikings rotten at the core


 is this DEJA VU with the Vikings ??
wonder if Brad Childress and Bret Favre are having a chuckle right now? 
 Bet  Taruraris Jackson glad he got the F out of there,   not that he's any good but atleast he's won a game with seattle .
Same Vikings as last year will find a way to blow a game 
this is why i say they are rotten at the core..... there is something bad about the personnel that makes up this team , too many times with the same shit .
Adrian Peterson might make the highlight films , but when the games on the line he will either fumble or get stuffed at the goal line , or just dissapear.
Percy Harvin will make a catch,  fumble then get a migrane and be out of the game. 
the defense always  plays an uneven  game... and gives it up when it counts... 3 leads 3 loses . 
Donavan McNabe A Shell of his former self,, and a downgrade from a banged up favre of last year .
KC although looks horrible in  points scored and given up,  throw that  out
  as bad as KC looks right now ,   they are a tougher grittier team  , fought hard in San diego and had a shot to steal a game 
this will be a small bet , but i feel that KC will gut out a win at home vs the same gutless Vikings team we saw all last year

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Posted Monday, September 26, 2011 06:16 PM



Miles Austin has accounted for 4 of the 6 TDs Dallas has scored this year , taking  this game breaker out of the lineup is  serious void .

  put that with the injury's to an already horrible  offensive line who is unable to protect  Romo. 

with no Austin  a beat up Romo and the worst running game in the league  AVG 2.3 per carry . tough to make a case for the dallas offense tonight .


Posted Friday, September 23, 2011 05:17 AM

NFL best bet sunday


this is a perfect spot and team  for the ravens to play this week,  after their dismal performance in tennessee 

  the RAMS really have no offense as seen monday night and back threw out last season including their playoff game with seattle a game in which they lost 16-6 ,

  bradford has no receiviers and no vertical passing game , steven jackson is never healthy,  he's probable for game, but will probably pull a hamstring  like he usually does , its going to be a long year for the RAMS 

the RAVENS coming of a loss and playing a bad team coming off  a monday night game ...  spells an easy cover here 

Posted Thursday, September 22, 2011 01:03 PM

NCAA Thursday night

NC STATE + 7.5  

this is a revisted post from a best bet to a play with 4 starters out on the defensive side for NC state creates an unknown factor but this is why this they are getting any points at all  in this game 
the line seems to be moving down possible under 7 by game time 

 really don't get all the love for   cincy here in some of these posts 

CINCY  4-8 SU last year most of their 8 loses were by double D  no quality wins  BEAT indiana state , miami( of ohio)    rutgers and louisville
 both teams really only played 1 legit game  and cinci lost to tennessee  by 22  , its the same bearcat team as last year .  
CINCY 6-14 ATS last 20 most of these games they were getting points not laying points 
 i just dont get the attraction here with cincy ? if they had beat tennessee it might be justified,      but to lose 45-23   and  then  expect them not only to win a game,  but to cover over a TD spread  its nuts . 
NC state is ridled with injuries on the Defensive side thats why we have this points spread  . thats the only question mark.. how many points they will give up ? 
but cincy defensive sucks tennessee had 34 first downs
 and i watched tape of this Mike glennon , he can throw with anyone very talented  and he has some receivers that can burn cinci ( TJ Gram ) &n... [More]

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2011 06:23 AM


NC STATE + 7.5 

i guess the perception of the public is that because Russel Wilson left it will bring this team down to the level of the colts  was he Payton Manning ?
this guy at QB  Mike Glennon 6-6 225.... i would think probably will be just fine...... so far 8 TDS 1 int
  if you look at Tom O'briens track record of recruiting  QBs at BC all of them went on to play in the NFL. 
the other thing O brien does is win games 9-4 last year with this team and beat west virginia   last year in a bowl game , to make his record 8 consecutive wins in bowl games .
now with the bearcats can't figure out why anyone would think laying  7.5  points with a team that won 3 games last year is a good idea
those three wins were against indiana state , louisville , and rutgers 
last year these two teams played with NC State being the host going into the 4th quarter  it was 30-7 NC state,   final was NC state as 30-19  
this year the bearcats opened with Austin peay and  got a win then they had a real game and got  smoked by tennessee 45-23  Vols went threw the motions in this one.... easy  

 then showed their superiority by beating a wounded arkon team 59-14 the zips  had gotten beaten up the two previous weeks by ohio state 42-0 and temple 41-3  but managed to score their first TDs of the year against the bearcats. 
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Posted Monday, September 19, 2011 05:46 AM

Ron Jarworski

 this guy had limited talent as QB when he played   big time choke artist
 i think he sucks as an analysis 

 he ruins  the  Monday night football with his assine statements, 

for example  last week he was saying how impressed he was with Reggie Bush who had 11 rushes for 38 yds......retarded........ he had a horrible game   today Bush  had 6 rushes for 18 yds    .any idiot   could have saw this coming after watching him in a few plays last monday ...every one except JAWS 

everyone loves this guy in the NFL and  broadcast industry cause he's such a kiss ass....  so sick of this guy ill be using   the mute button tonight for sure 

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