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MISSOURI  + 2   
 take my chances here, a step up for C F  .watching this central fla team last few years ,  don't think they win this game ,
 Cenral fla  2-13 against SEC  , Missouri 4 SU wins after loses

got it  at 7 ,  VT no great talent  a  down year for both QB play and defense with VT 
 maybe its  time for Beamer to retire,  maybe burnout stage ?  Dont have the exact figures   but VT is something like 4-13 -1  ATS last 18 

TOLEDO + 2  
going back to last year all this team does is win  ,unless  its against the bigger schools,   and have  been competitive in those games     . lost at Arizona 24-17 which is  respectable 
Western Michigan QB is out and   how good is WM ? WM  lost to ILL .24-7   and  ILL def is horrible  ILL is  bad 


this line is because the bagers  are 0-4 ATS and  have always played down to their level of competition for years,  they are a  bad favorite  and good dog  
don't think there is much difference between these two teams Nebraska really on played 1 team UCLA and lost  , corn husker is questionable to BAD  wisconsin will  run on them . close game maybe bagers win 
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Vicks quite an athlete but it ends there , out of the 9 years he's been in the league only once has he played a full season , an important part of the QB position is being durable and consistent  Vick is neither 
.Vick  also has never proven to be a winner in this league , before his fall from grace there was a question if he was even a good QB, .does anyone remember ? cause  some people have now elevated him to a superstar status . 
, everyone loves the ESPN  highlight reels, of Vick improvised playground  football type of stuff , its flashy  but it dosen't win .in the end. 
its time to move on from Vick    .he's due 15 million next year and ill guarantee Foles will be the QB next year , 
Foles will play this year,  and  when he gets his chance which could be as  soon as week 1 he will do well,  even though he's a rookie he played for such a horrible team at Arizona , that playing in the NFL with the Eagles will be  actually easier for him . 
 the sooner they move on from Vick the better for the Eagles , they are paying him 10 mill this year , that's why it might be later than sooner .

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class in conferences

the sec does  have  the elite teams but also some bad one's 


 they were brutal  yesterday  not much talent poor coaching  they might be able to score some points at times , but their defense is horrible .


  whenever has a mid america  team come in the swamp and play even threw 3 quarters , no big adv in the trenches like usual , i thought BG could actually win this game final score was deceiving 

 BG physically matched up with florida , but FU  had a few more skilled players ,  think  florida will be bad again this year  

have to like going against this team in next two

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Frank Solich

this guy is horrible  coach  not playing to win , way too conservative 

4 and 2   Try's 44 yd field goal not even close , This guys a loser,  this is why he's at ohio 

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