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Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:07 AM   6 comments

With the loss of  Casey and Curry the Harvard  Crimson are a much different team this year,  with  a rookie point guard and no senior starters  they are a work in progress 

Vermont has the experience with 4 junior starters and with Brian Voelkel who was the American East leading rebounder last  year  they will control the glass tonight.

 Vermont  is  ranked 24th  in the country at the FT line  near   80% 

Vermont already  has a road win against a tough Northeastern team ,  i like them a lot tonight 


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THEBEAST387 says:
11/27/12 03:10PM
Looking for a bailout and its just what the dr. ordered.
Thanks Rich. Good luck!
Pasteur says:
11/27/12 03:15PM
Vermont also lost 2 of their 3 top scorers from last season.  On the other side of you, but BOL
muchomojo says:
11/27/12 09:31PM
HoustonSports says:
11/27/12 09:35PM
ICEman83 says:
11/27/12 09:39PM
uptowndawg says:
11/27/12 09:41PM
plus the pts, good edge to back a winner, nice work buck
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