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The knight's come into tonight having  played 1 less game then Houston at 1-2  but are battle tested their two losses came against Missouri and a close loss to Penn State 

CF is well coached and plays hard  no more Bortles but they still will have the best QB on the field tonight .

Houston comes in at 2-2 but has only beaten Grambling State and UNLV  This  Houston  team got blasted by Texas San Antonio 27-7 and that was the only game TSA won this year .
In that game with TSA the Houston QB O'Korn threw 4 INTs , on the year he's 6 TD'S 6 INTS  52% comp, he's no Case Keenum

My hunch here is Houston is not very good team and shouldn't be favored  Central Florida will prove best and win  SU  they won the last three meetings tonight won't be different .

Take the Points 

Posted Sunday, December 29, 2013 12:53 AM

Is it really worth the time ?

Wow like who's watching or betting on this Crap , none of these games are  even competitive ,  so far this has to be the worst college bowl season i ever saw in my life . 

These teams try so hard to win 6 games to make a bowl to perform like this , it has to be the schools just wanting the money , empty stadiums , just Stinky  football ,

 I didn;t bet any of these games  , I put in 3  bets for a friend yesterday and 4 today  0-7  he lost them all .what a joke .

I watch every football game i can , i've done this my whole life , but this is  so pathetic  Im tuning out , 

Is it just me ? 

Posted Thursday, December 26, 2013 12:03 PM

NCAAF BEST BET wednesday


Some of these post i'm reading say Utah State has played a better schedule , I really question that , the only teams that were decent on their schedule were Usc, Byu,  and  Utah and they lost  all them games , they don't have one quality win on their resume  .
Northern Illinois has wins over Iowa ,Ball State and Toledo which is better than anything Utah State has done this year .
Utah State can't  score points , despite having 5 turnovers vs Fresno State it took them till the 11 minute mark  of the 4th quarter to score an offensive TD , the only points they put up prior to that was an 86 yd return of a fumble recovery . 
That Fresno St Utah St  game was sandwich between Fresno giving up 56 points to SanJose state and 45 to USC. so it wasn't the Fresno st  defense it was the Utah St offense who just sucks and couldn't score points despite the 5 turnovers .

Northern Illionois is 25 -3  SU  Record  last 2 years Their  3 loses are  2 from last year,  a 1 point loss to Iowa and last years bowl loss to Florida state ,  this year of course the loss to Bowling Green .
 But  this  NI  team wins games  and i don't see them losing two consecutive games , not to this Utah State team , and at a PK price big  value here .
I would bet this game before the Bowling Green game ,cause  if BG  wins easy aga... [More]

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I don't care about line movements  or non  line movement here , I watched Boise a number of times this year and i think this is  a Stinky team , the worst Boise team in many years ,  i thought the same about Buffalo another stinky team  and that proved true .
Boise beat up on all the bottom feeders they didn't have one quality win , the best team they beat all year was Utah State and that the first game Utah State played without their QB Chuckie Keeton .

Oregon State much tougher schedule lost to Oregon by 1 ,  Stanford by 8 , Boise would be blown out by these teams , Boise got dominated by BYU the only decent team they played all year .
The reason there is no line movement with Southwick not playing is there is no drop off with Hendrick  he has 15 Tds 5 int's some think he's the better QB .
Too many on here are letting line movements or lack of them influence your bet , Look at the USC game  line went from -6 to -4 at game time . 
Don't worry about the line just pick the winner in these games .... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 09, 2013 12:45 PM

Has anyone noticed with Iowa ?

Never have i seen a team like IOWA watching them the past couple of years dominate so many games, and it never translates to the score board ,

 last 2 weeks with  Ohio state they competed had a chance  , , the Wisconsin game they looked much the best in the first half and go off at half time down 7-6 

Kirk Ferentz his favorite thing is punt and play field position . his teams drive the ball down the field , when he gets in or near  scoring position he becomes super conservative and either kicks a field goal or punts 

I didn't bet this game but  Purdue is so bad ,  but it took them 4 minutes into the second quarter to score despite .

But this team can dominate games and still lose , and its all on Ferentz this guys a horrible in game coach .

Like i said i didn't bet the game but under is usually good the way this guy makes decisions .

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Grabbed this early in the week this is a rivalry game also for the lead in the Mountain West Conference the Aztecs were pre season favorites to win this but had a bad September . Would  have beaten  Oregon State if not for a blunder in the last minute of game  .
San Diego State has won it's last 3,  and are in a good spot here   coming  off a bye week and should be focused for this game .  
  I believe this line is inflated with Fresno's 7-0 record but  they haven't played anyone , They have a home win  vs  Boise State  41-40   , a team   that we saw to  be non competitive against BYU last night .
 Fresno  beat a Rutgers team  at home 52-51 and again a 1 point win ,  Rutgers has played no one except Louisville and lost that one 24-10  
Fresno giving up 41 to Boise and 51 to Rutgers shows their defense is crap and can't win by margin .
 So  far  Fresno is  1-5 ATS their only cover was against one of the worst teams in Div 1A  Idaho
The line is down to 7 or 7.5  in some places right now,  i think there is still value with this , this will be the toughest test for Fresno thus far ,
 I  give San Diego State  a good chance to win this game SU they were good enough to play Oregon State to  a 34-30 loss a game which really they should have won if not for a last minute turnover... [More]

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My money on the first coach fired this year is on  U Conn's Paul Pasqualoni , has to be  one of the worst coaches in college football .
This night for the U Conn  fans  was slated to make it an uncomfortable night  for a returning  EX U Conn  Coach Randy Edsall but that was before U Conn's embarrassing 33-18 home opening loss to Towson 
Now the fans focus is having Pasqualoni fired , if this game gets ugly and one sided , expect UConn and Pasqualoni to be booed off the field .

U Conn Returns 7 starters on offense ,  they were so Abysmal last year it probably would have been better if none returned,
U Conn   lead by their JR QB Whitmer  who last year had 9 Td's and 16 Int's and minus -161 rushing ,so he's neither a passer or a runner , he's horrible . 
U Conn's  rushing last week vs Towson  was 27 attempts for 81 yd's    ,  so no running game either 
On defense U Conn was halfway respectable last year but lost 4 players to NFL drafted  Top three rounds 
UConn   gave up  almost 400 yd's of offense to Towson with 200 on the ground .
CJ Brown Maryland's QB should have a field day against this Defense both  Running and throwing .
Randy Edsall  this guys an excellent coach turned a basketball school into a respectable Football program at U Conn , this is why the hate grew for  Edsall  at U Conn... [More]

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