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Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 07:25 AM   7 comments

"One team one destiny " this is  what the golden flashes are selling and i'm buying , this team has been battle tested  as far as their schedule went in recent weeks .

 I liked Kent St   win on the road at Bowling Green  , I watched  BG play even with Florida for 3 quarters in the swamp only allowing 27 points  to Florida , Kent put up 31 on a very good BG defense and won after being behind a TD in 3 quarter . teams can build on a win like this .

N Illinois has its supporters and a lot of people are saying this will be a rout,  i think basically people are looking at past history between these two teams,  but  i just  don't see it here  this year .

If you look at common opponents its been similar results  but i will point out one

 Kent st Beat Army 31-17 while N Illinois won 41-40 
 all army does is run the ball,  and that's what  Kent St. does .

 N Illinois  will be facing the toughest team they have faced in  quite a while   if you look at there schedule the only decent team was Toledo and they were just a mask of the team they were earlier in the year .

should be an interesting game,  take the points


Sorry Nick not drinking the Sabin Kool Aid this year , and thank Les Miles for being so stupid that on 4th and 6  with 2 minutes left ,  not to try to win the game on your defense which had been a sieve  not the Alabama defense of years gone by. 

Alabama's defense was ready to be had  and if  LSU got the first down they  win the game . Alabama had no timeouts 

 But Les  brings on a field goal kicker who had ZERO chance of making a 44 yd field goal ,  We already saw him  saw him miss miserably at a shorter distance . the rest is history .

After watching the LSU game it didn't surprise me one bit when Texas AM went into Alabama .and spanked them, the  final score was not indicative of what really happened.   

  Now   the public wants to ignore this , or just stupid to it  and will drink the  Sabin kool Aid    thinking Alabama is  MEAN and BAD again,  by beating up on Western Carolina and Auburn ,  come on be serious  

If   Georgia  plays like they are capable,  they win this game,  take the generous  points. 


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toltechild says:
11/30/2012 12:14:46 PM
Mysticrich    Thanks for the great info. I was undecided on pulling the trigger on Georgia... I think I'll tail you on that game. I also took Kent St on my 7 pt teaser too, lets get paid.
smallbet07 says:
11/30/2012 5:33:13 PM
BOL bud
Macwestie1 says:
11/30/2012 7:18:06 PM
GL Mysticrich
TRAIN69 says:
11/30/2012 7:28:38 PM
AAY says:
11/30/2012 7:38:29 PM

Good Luck

BigEarnie says:
11/30/2012 7:49:26 PM
GL, like em 
ffmsh25 says:
11/30/2012 11:03:56 PM
 Bama wins this game 31-13. Bulldogs do not stand a chance. Saban will have these boys ready!!!  5 units- bama -7.5
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