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Posted Sunday, January 06, 2013 02:41 AM   13 comments

I think anytime you can  get  +7 points vs the Ravens it's great value 

The way  John Harbaugh  coaches a game with a lead he plays it  conservative not to lose the game rather than win,  this guy blows more leads .

 I  think Harbaugh's a stiff as a coach . Last years  championship game at New England ,  Ravens outplayed the Patriots  Brady sucked , they had the Pats on the ropes,  but Harbaugh choked  , then his team choked ,  afraid to attempt  to win , played for  tie and ended up losing . this is how this guy coaches he's a loser 

Joe Flaco will someone give this guy a boot in the ass

I  never  have see a QB look and play more Lethargic than  this guy. 

 The only time he plays with any urgency is if their down  points on a last drive , other than that , look at his body language,  he's content to go three and out and punt. 

 This year has been Flacos worst,  he has digressed as a QB. 


Ray Lewis  the only factor this guy will be in this game is a motivational speaker before the game , but once the game starts and he's on the field , i think he will be a non factor and most likely  a liability .

I watched Lewis before his injury he could still hit hard but most of the time when teams  ran  right at him he would either get blocked out of the play,  or they would run over him,  and on coverage he was useless . 

 before the injury, he didn't look good to me  and everyone said this type of injury your out for the year , so really what can you expect from him today?

 he knows he can't play anymore that's why he's retiring,  him coming back to play this game will probably be a stupid idea .

Look at the Ravens this season they covered this spread of 7  points 4 times this year and  that was against the Bengals in the 1st game  of season,  Oakland, Cleveland and a no show  Giants team. 

 The Ravens have  5 wins by 1-3 points .

Ravens  last 10 5-5 SU 

Indy has been in just about every game this year,  the colts have won 8 out of their last 10 SU  and have  lost only to Houston and New England .

Indy comes into this game loose  and confident playing hard for themselves and their coach and i think Lucks a winner .

 No one on  defense   can cover anyone in this league anymore  without holding or PI, ,  all you have to do is throw.  this is why all these rookie QB coming out have had success . open receivers all day  .  

The colts have a QB that can throw  that that's why their in this game today .

good chance for SU win here 

Take the points  

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jwub91781 says:
1/6/2013 3:55:02 AM
BOL my dude!!! Colts ML HERE!!!
jwub91781 says:
1/6/2013 4:08:04 AM
Freeney will have his asss tomm!!
lancer89074 says:
1/6/2013 5:08:45 AM
In other words, Flacco is an behind-clown? I wonder if the Colts can handle Ray Rice at all though? Rice is a big time contributor he could have a big day.

Luck will need to get the ball out quickly but Bruce Arians is an old hand at preparing for the Ravens due to his tenure with Pittsburgh.

Good luck MysticRich!!!
Gavinnick says:
1/6/2013 10:13:38 AM
Baltimore rolls 
Mack05 says:
1/6/2013 10:19:14 AM
mystic I am with you but don't forget the Colts got blown out by Chicago early doors. There are no certainty in sports and if they Ravens roll here would you be surprised? I know I wouldn't. Certainky the Ravens of last year blow out the Colts today I have no doubt in my mind about that. I just firmly believe this team is not as good as last years team. 

I agree with you about Luck. I faded Andy Dalton yesterday as I knew he wouldn't show up. Unlike Dalton, Luck has weapons. What concerns me is his pass completion percentage which is one of the lowest in the league. This has to improve otherwise it's a long day watching your dosh disappear. 

I am hoping for the Colts to hang tough or a back door cover. In this situation when I weigh everything up I am happy to take the points...But not with huge confidence......
Metallica2467 says:
1/6/2013 10:24:37 AM
Best of luck Mysticrich
rhh7 says:
1/6/2013 10:51:25 AM
Sincerely disagree.  Ravens are 3 points better than the Colts, the HFA is almost 12 points.  This game was my lock of the week pick.

My heart would love to see the Colts win.  My head says Ravens by 2 touchdowns.
Gavinnick says:
1/6/2013 10:57:15 AM
You guys on colts lol 

Ravens gonna be way up for this one ..... Ray ray going out lol u guys r nuts if you think Colts r getting close here 
MTFN50 says:
1/6/2013 11:23:12 AM


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#1Posted: 1/6/2013 2:40:37 AM


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#1Posted: 1/6/2013 2:40:37 AM

                 Mystic says:::Ray Lewis the only factor this guy will be in this game is a motivational speaker before the game , but once the game starts and he's on the field , i think he will be a non factor and most likely a liability

Ray is never a liabilty,hes healthy was kept out of last weeks gamejust for this.He timed his retirement announcement perfectly.The Pagano effect on his team is now a few weeks old,thats the non factor.Now its Ravens turn .Agreed Flaco needs a fire under him and Ray knows it better than us ,Hence the announcement.Flaco for the 1st time actully said that hes not motivated by speeches or diffrent players ,but "this is diffrent when a guy like Ray is on his way out,how could you not want to play your heart out" wow Flacos amped up finally Lewis will be used situational and by the end of the gamewill be the cause of more than one DEF stop.

Not that Lewis is what the colts should worry about ,there real concern is how there terrible run D will stop Ray Rice. How about Lucks problem of tring to throw away from Ed Reed into double coverage.   . The colts havent fared well agaist the top teams like HOuston ,Pats ,and now Ravens  Balt wins this 27-17

tlosers says:
1/6/2013 11:25:36 AM
What are your thoughts about Tom B, the greatest QB of all time getting another Super Bowl?
lakers34kb says:
1/6/2013 11:51:46 AM
Biscuiteater1 says:
1/6/2013 12:56:21 PM
Agree about Harbaugh, but think you are on wrong side here.Also without looking it up i think Flacco's stats are comparable or even better than last year.GL buddy.
7out says:
1/6/2013 12:59:09 PM
Your write up makes a lot a sense. Thanks for posting it.

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