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Posted Sunday, December 16, 2012 12:25 AM   17 comments
GREEN BAY  - 2.5  

I know this,  cutler coming off that concussion a couple of games ago,  has been beat up since, he  took a vicious hit last week to the head and injured his neck 

 With that offensive line and the fact he's been getting killed don't be surprised if he don't finish this game, quits , or just plays like he Quit 

Not to mention  the bears defense without Urlacher has not been the same,  and with the offense not moving the ball they spend most on the day on the field they are a beat up tired defense.

.Green Bay has dominated this series, why should it change today  with all  these factors .


The falcons who are on my fade list will have to wait , because today they play a stinky  stupid Giant's team that just can't wait to lose .

,The difference between P Manning and Eli  is,  when Peyton throws a pick you can see him on the sideline fuming mad waiting to get back on the field to make up for it .

 When Eli throws one  it's  like oh shucks these things happen he usually comes back in and throws another one or two  or fumbles. 

The Giants are a sloppy lazy bad team and will not be in the playoff picture this year .


Not a very good Steelers team  here , but good enough to beat these stiffs , the only reason Dallas  won last week,  after being down to a horrible Bengals team , was that the Bengal's tried to coast with a 13 point lead,  knowing that they had a Thursday night game,  

Watching  this stinky Bengals team against the Eagles Thursday Night  it's hard to imagine them being 13 up on anyone .


The Bengals beat the Giants a month ago 31-13 and that was with the Giants coming off a loss the week before .

And the people who keep saying something about a Patriots Giants Super Bowl  rematch   like come back to reality. 

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THEBEAST387 says:
12/16/2012 1:49:29 AM
Good Luck Rich!
lancer89074 says:
12/16/2012 6:26:30 AM
Good luck Mystic Rich. I have always enjoyed reading your writeups over the years. Pick some more winners for me as I have retired as of today ok as I need the added income. :)
insatiable says:
12/16/2012 6:28:43 AM
Good luck buddy
Biscuiteater1 says:
12/16/2012 6:46:29 AM
Pitts D is real, only question has Ben shaken the rust.I'm leaning Pitt here also.GL today buddy.
kevmode says:
12/16/2012 7:14:42 AM

12/16/2012 8:24:23 AM
I knew the Ring  thing would come up  with Eli , but to me this NFL  ring thing and being the NFL champion is a joke. 

its the only sport where you can go 500 in the regular season  get  hot  win either 3 or 4 games and be declared the champion .you don't have to win multiple series like all the other sports . 

 look at it for what it is .it really just another game with a little  more pressure 

And just because a team wins this so called championship game why do we have to give the QB all the credit ?

.like Brady won three super bowls i mean really ? he was basically just a manager, ( aka Trent Dilfer )  in all three   it was the defense that won those  post season games 

.Its alright to say this about Trent  Dilfer but not the Golden Boy , Regular season front running Tom,  who's won nothing in 7 years despite being in the weakest division and on one of the best teams .

 One of these super bowls Brady went up against the great Jake Delhomme  who actually played better than Brady .

 if  P Manning  was on the patriots the last decade he probably would have 8 of these stupid Rings 

 We make way  too much of this Ring Crap .

hey Lancer thanks  buddy  enjoy your retirement  

KasperNV says:
12/16/2012 10:06:43 AM
You are dead on about that Bears analysis. Offensive line has allowed him to take quite a beating as of late.
WinsNow999 says:
12/16/2012 10:21:46 AM
I like your write up and your thought processed for your picks; I have a feeling either Packers or Falcons one wont covering the spreads today.

Also, Steelers wont cover the spread on the road ---I think Dallas will come to play hard today -- At least to cover that 3 points!!

1-2....or  2 -1. Falcons for the cover!!!

Good luck!
jimmythejap says:
12/16/2012 11:40:14 AM
GL M.R.  cutler will puss out
capskip says:
12/16/2012 11:49:45 AM
Best of Luck Today.....
Metallica2467 says:
12/16/2012 11:55:40 AM
Best of luck MYSTICRICH
lovelymoney says:
12/16/2012 11:58:16 AM
StoneColdNinja says:
12/16/2012 12:32:42 PM
BOL Mystic Rich
JayKay21 says:
12/16/2012 12:42:47 PM
 She-li and Gaydy overrated ..Peyton over both

AAY says:
12/16/2012 1:51:27 PM

Good Luck

jimmythejap says:
12/16/2012 5:13:58 PM

gilligansisland says:
12/16/2012 6:17:19 PM
Mystic you know your stuff but when you dump on Brady all the time you look like an idiot.Good luck and continued success on your bets.
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