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Posted Saturday, June 19, 2010 11:26 AM


3-2 Straight plays MLB last night0-2 Parlay plays MLB last night+ $70
12-3 on Straight plays MLB last 3 days + $1445 
The anemic Nationals "offense" screwed me out of around $800. Lovely.
THAT being said, leans:
Brewers- If I'm ever taking MIL, it's on the road in a game with their ace, and Carlos Gonzalez NOT playing in. 
Cubs- Even after yesterday's Howry Homicide, Lilly was dominant last time out. He has experience pitching in the AL (TOR, NYY) and Torii Hunter is hitting .188 against him.
Braves- Atlanta is the better team here...there's a reason Grienke's record is what it is. Like yesterday's analogy saying that taking the Twins against the Phillies was akin to taking a knife to a gunfight. Same sort of deal here.
Phillies- See above.
Mets- +175? Pelfrey on the mound against a team that can't hit right now? Sign me up.
Mariners under 7- Both teams can't (and won't) score in this series. I'd take it if were 5.5. Maybe.
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Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2009 09:33 AM

I have a couple gambling rules I never violate...

1. Never bet on a Phoenix Suns UNDER

2. Never bet on a game which features Jeff Suppan

3. Never bet against Peyton Manning in Prime Time

4. Never put any money on any team from Memphis

and finally...

5. NEVER bet against Brett Favre!


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