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Posted Saturday, April 19, 2014 07:54 PM

haveany of you noticed a possible system in MLB

it seems after my browsing that Vegas is telling us who they want us to lose .........
i saw one post taking highest priced dog for 1st inn score or no score

and thats sizzling another system take 1st dog in rotation that day also cracking the books

think i'm onto something here shhhhhhhhhhhhhh lets not tell Vegas we are on to them

Posted Saturday, April 19, 2014 07:09 PM

Greatest MONEY making System ever in history of NFL goes off

in Sept .............. I  Guarantee you win 70% or more and i'm not selling you picks I teach YOU how to handicap the games both sides every week.

Because in reality if  ya'll bet 4 games your actually betting on 4 teams and against 4 teams

right now using past 15 years results two teams to fade in home openers i can almost say when these chumps are chalked 100% winners for you taking the dogs

last year one was a dog other was a favorite both lost game and $

right now i'm listing teams best win % and highest losing %

so far 1st 8 teams i have done if you bet $100 per game u would have won total $61,890 divided by 15 years = NET profit $4126.00 per yr even if you mini bettor $5.50 to win $5 = $206.30 per year

now i'm figuring all 32 teams when done using thier best and worst situational plays this will make you very very rich and your bookie will hate your guts

the $ you should win on average is $8802.13 per year it may be higher because some teams have more high % fades or play on.

I use the fades and bet on % in the 70% range as high as 95%

Guarantee you win 70%  stick with the high 80% - 95% games win 80%  but bet more because now your only betting on about 50 games per year -

BUT will let you all in this by august might not be here by then so hit me up in my profile


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