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Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2010 01:02 PM

Browns VS Ravens Write Up and Pick

This week the 0-2 Browns come to the 1-1 Ravens

Browns have faced TB (away) and KC @ Browns.

TB Game they lost 14-17 they put up 15 First downs in the game, 104 yards rushing and 236 yards passing. They game up 13 first downs, 119 yards rushing, 169 yards passing. They scored twice in the first half and then were shut out in the second half.

KC Game they lost 14-16. They put up 13 first downs, 73 rushing yards and 226 passing yards. They gave up 16 1st downs, 140 yards rushing, and 172 yards passing.Again scoring all their points in the 1st half of the game.

Baltimore has played in NY and then at Cincy.(2 road games)
their O has not looked sharp at all.

NY game they did have 20 first downs, 49 yards rushing, and 233 yards passing. they only allowed 6 first downs, 116 rushing yards and 60 yards passing.

Bengals game they got 14 first downs, 109 yards rushing and 150 yards passing (Flacco was terrible) they gave up 14 first downs, 94 yards rushing and 159 yards in the air.

Looking over the Browns stats shows me they are giving up an average of 130 yards rushing, which means a lot of Ray Rice.

the last 2 years these teams have met:

Bal 28 Browns 10
Bal 37 Browns 27

Bal 34 Browns 3   (point spread -13.5)
Bal 16 Browns 0   (point spread -10.5)

Last year as you can see they were 2-0 ATS on the Browns.

The Ravens have played arguably two playoff cont... [More]

Posted Thursday, November 19, 2009 10:10 AM

Panthers and Dolphins

Well tonight we have the Fins at the Panthers.

so far we know that Ronnie Brown is out.
Stewart Doubtful

Both teams are 4-5 ATS
Miami on the road is 2-3 ATS
Panthers at home are 1-3 ATS

This year Miami is averaging 24.2 Points a game and the D has given up 25.2 points a game.In the last 3 games have averaged 24.0 a game while giving up 25 a game.

Panthers are averaging 19.6 a game and giving up 23.9 on D
The last 3 games they are averaging 27.3 and giving up 23.3

In the Panthers last 5 games (ATL, NO, ARI, BUF, TB) the total has been less then 42 ONE time.

Miami last 5 games (TB, NE, NYJ, NO, NYJ) NO game has been under 42

So we know both teams like to run. No suprise.
I think Miami will still be able to move the ball with Williams, and Pat Whites version of the wildcat.
Henne will do his dink and dunk thing

Carolina's run game is operating very well. DeAngelo has the ability to break one from anywhere and I think Steve Smith is starting to heat up.

I know both D's are good, but the numbers dont lie. They give up some points.

With both teams itching to stop the run we could see a few big plays coming out of the passing game here.

I think we can throw out Panthers Home PPG average since the last 3 games are the best games they have played with only 1 being at home (28-19 win over Atlanta)

Miami on the road averages 16.8 points.
Last 2 road games they put up 17 at N... [More]


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