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Posted Sunday, December 05, 2010 11:05 PM

How many of us make money in the NBA?

Realize I'm not trying to spawn negativity with this thread.  
I'm just trying to figure out the truth.  
There are posters in here that are in/out within 2 weeks, people who make up plays and units, people who don't know to use a computer.
Surely these people just fade away with memory.  But what about some of you long time posters?  
How's the NBA treating you overall compared to other sports?
For those who seriously do make money: tips/advice is always welcomed and appreciated in this thread.
Myself, I've been gambling for about 5 years (not consistently).  Mostly focusing on the sports of basketball and football.  My first few years were all losing years.  If I had to guess I'd say I lost about three thousand during that time span.  Not that bad I guess with some of the other stories I've heard.  
Two years ago I had my first winning season and took notes of everything I did that made it work.  Last year I was a little above even but only got to cash out three times over the course of the year.  I was kinda hoping to improve, but I didn't.  So I spent a lot of this summer learning more about basketball and attending the summer games and what not.  
Basically trying to get a feel of the majority of players, coaches, refs out there so I can kinda know what to expect on a nightly basis.  I put in a lot of work this summer and fall to learn it, but I realize as soon as I take a few d... [More]

Posted Sunday, October 03, 2010 06:10 PM

FSU vs Miami breakdown

I'm going to start with a spread and total prediction in this matchup.  
Miami should be favored by 3-4 point range.  Probably closer to 3 to begin with.  
The total is more what I'm interested in seeing.  With it being a rivalry game, the total is slightly impacted.  Sometimes it doesn't seem as high as it should be.  True... usually because these game have a lot more emotional involvement which can have tremendous effects on the way they play.  I think it's safe to say we see something between 49-52.  Both teams have proven offenses which would merit this high of a total.  
I would really pay attention to the status of Miami's Graig Cooper in this game.  A fast guy like that at 100% will have a direct impact on the line and total.  
At the same time... FSU has some really fast backs themselves in Thomas and Jones and a pretty good core of receivers.  Taiwan Easterling can make some huge plays and can really burn most college DB's.  
FSU's pass defense is a little suspect but their rush defense is for real.  Miami's best chance is letting Jacory Harris put it in the air.
However this year is a little different as there is a new defensive coordinator at FSU (Stoops), not to mention the new-era Jimbo Fisher head-coach.  I don't think you see this game playing out like the past couple of years.  Jimbo wants to start his winning streak against Florida teams now.
FSU has a very ta... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 03, 2010 11:53 PM

"Mondaze Hoops"

Atlanta at Miami - Hard game to pick.  With the opening line at 1.5 I don't want to take a stab at either side.  However I am still waiting of Dwayne Wade to finally have his breakout game this season.  ATL I think was a surprise earlier in the season, but they have been brought back down a notch recently.  I somewhat think this game may go under 196.5 because the only way either team knows they can win this game is to play defense. 

Oklahoma City at Chicago I really like the Thunder here at +2.  Chicago is just off one of their biggest wins of the season while the Thunder are coming off a heartbreaking OT loss in Milwaukee that ended their 5 game streak.  Durant still got his in that game but made a few bad decisions.  Scott Brooks probably had a good discussion with him after the game about his shot and pass selection.  Russell Westbrook should be able to stick on Rose.  If not they have an excellent backup rookie point guard in Eric Maynor which adds some energy and scoring.  Sure Chicago is decent for an Eastern Conference team.  With the exception of their 1st win vs San Antonio (92-85), their only other wins against the West this year are against Golden St (96-91 in OT) and Sacramento (101-87, but they lost their most recent home game to Sac). 
New Orleans at Utah
1st look wants me to pick NO, but there needs to be more thinki... [More]


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