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Posted Monday, August 31, 2009 10:41 AM

Important news about tennis player injury

This is huge... i google translated this from a polish site today. Link

Injury may prevent effective game Radwanska

On Monday, the fight will start Agnieszka Radwanska at the U.S. Open. Poles will be the first rival of Austria Patricia Mayr.
Unfortunately, the game effectively Radwanska can prevent a painful finger injury.
This is the same injury, which was before the Olympic tennis in Beijing - the ring finger tendinitis.
 - The reason for this injury must be overloaded. But even I do not know when it came to - Radwanska admitted in an interview with the Review of Sports.

Unfortunately, injury is serious and may be very difficult fight for a good result. - I do what I can to the state improved.

I take anti-inflammatory drugs, I go to acupuncture, I apply various ointments, bandages, massages.
When the therapist began to oppress me lately, and hammer the needle, I thought it would fall from the table.
By the injury all the muscles up to the elbow have acidified as never before in my life,

I reflexively Oszczedzam rawness and otherwise grab a rocket.. Wrap the ice this place, to the point of frostbite,
and after a while it is hot as boiling water.
So strong is this inflammation.. It is not a bruise, which goes after a few days - it requires more weeks.
In this one completely without tennis, but with a very intensive therapy - described the tennis player.
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