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Posted Sunday, April 03, 2016 05:26 PM


Busch won... figures since I didnt have the money to bet anything this wknd, I went w my family to comic con, I bet on him last race and he lost... I knew he was due... He's been a beast all season long, just unlucky... thats 4k I missed out on

Posted Sunday, April 03, 2016 12:31 AM


I have been gambling for years... never really tracked anything... went on Rush's ; Lost some won some... Gonna Start tracking... I really need to be more disciplined and not bet on garbage I know nothing about... My strengths are Live Poker, Nascar, Golf, MMA and Fantasy football ... I do bet on everything, but I do the best in these areas... this year has been pretty f'ing terrible so far... I'm about 8k in the hole... Lets see if I can dig my way out... Im not betting this wknd, but I like Busch and Logano to win and Chase Ellliott to place, if I was up, and not down so much, I might have even took a flyer on him to win at +4000 - STP 500

Posted Saturday, December 31, 2011 09:14 PM

FootBall SUN, wk 17

Going with the J-E-T-S +3 vs. Miami ... just gut feel, its seems to be a 50/50 tossup up, so i will take the points, the line has moved from jets +1 to +3, so there is value in fading the public... jets still have a 6% chance of making the playoffs w a Oak, Den, Cin, Tenn. losses... jets play the early game, so they should be playing hard... and be scoreboard watching the tenn/houston game, all the other games are late... so Im in hope for a all out effort for most the game

Posted Friday, December 30, 2011 01:03 AM

my 1st attempt at a NBA formula...

Let me give this a shot, publicly ... for a chance at ridicoule! ... but with what stats I was able to collect ... I did several diff. scenarios, and the best results I keep getting was the bulls by 5+ over the Clippers w a point total of about 185-190 ... So my prediction ...

 the Bulls $ line and the under ... no personal or gut feeling were included in this.

Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011 04:50 PM

--- 12/27

I just found this blog thing and am gonna use it to track my investment progress ... I have never blogged before, but if someone out there finds this and wants to follow along be my guest ... This will cover every aspect of my financial life from gambling, investments, poker, etc... I am very small time (at the moment) ;)

maybe even some personal stuff, I dont know yet...

Im strapped on cash at the moment, due to my hrs at work being cut back ... so I think Im going for a small bet with big payoff, which I dont do a whole lot, because the math sucks on the win %, but here we go...

NC State Alistair Overeem Jon Fitch Diego Nunes St Louis Blues +1.5 Pittsburgh Penguins Miami Heat New Jersey Nets +4.5
thats a straight up copy and paste from the site, its a 8 teamer, the MMA matches are UFC 141, all the other games are tonight... 20$ to win 500$

I didnt care for any NFL or EPL lines this wk.... [More]


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