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Posted Monday, May 27, 2013 09:16 AM

**Tizzy's Tizztastic MLB Thread (2 plays a day)**

Perfection, Persistence, and Reliability is what im here to achieve.
     Id like to start a season long project-thread, in hopes to contribute here to help everyone increase their bankrolls, period. Some of you may know me (SportsMavin Mlb Contest) MikeTizzy 57-41-2  +2003$, ($100 per straight) some may not.  Thank you Mavin and others for helping me grow. A little bit about myself: For 2 years, ive studied the books through thick and thin. Im a student of analytics, odds, and defining true value. Have done countless of experiments on why we lose and why we win. Have formulated metrics with analytics to produce the highest probable scenarios of possible outcomes. Therefore baseball is perfect for me, and is what i do. I dont believe in streaks, I believe we can adjust and improve w/out acting out of emotions and impulse to cause awful streaks. (I have been there)  I hate losing more than anything, only thing im addicted to is winning.  Not out of arrogance, im here humble, so pls dont take my studies as anything but that. This is an opportunity to invest and make some real money, and hopefully i can help everyone be profitable with success. 
I dont drink, smoke or eat meat, nor do i have any interest in degenerative behavior. (love calculating and winning at poker however)  I have absolutely no interest in this business for the sake of 'action'. BUT i do hope the 'action' i provide here ju... [More]


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