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Posted Monday, January 23, 2012 09:45 AM

Giants-Pats is the perfect Super Bowl rematch

For all those system users and handicappers out there, anyone who is not a degen knows there are a lot better spots to gamble then on this weekends NFL playoff games.

However, being a degen, I will have action on these games.  I will just do a small parlay to get my fix, as honestly anything can happen this weekend.

Game 1- Balt vs. Pats----if I enjoyed playing totals I'd probably lean to one of those. Except that number is high, I lean towards the under----Balt vs Texans only 3 points scored in the 2nd half.

Honestly the big question is are the Pats for real, or did they just blow out a Broncos team that had no business being on the same field.  

In terms of my gut I wanna say Pats win the game, but guess what my gut is usually wrong.  Ray Lewis and the Ravens D keep this one close as Flacco and company put up more of a fight then Tebow did at all.

Taking the points Ravens +7.5

Game 2 Niners vs Giants

Now honestly how in the f can you say you know who is gonna win this game.  Both teams beat high octane offenses when everyone was like oooo saints are awesome, packers can't be stopped.  Alex Smith out of knowhere puts up 36 ---wtf???

Anyway I was on both the niners and the giants and am kicking myself for not taking the ML (07 all over again and I just had a "feeling" Giants were gonna take it)

Again though both teams are clicking.  Both have nice D. Both are ru... [More]


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