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Posted Saturday, March 31, 2012 01:30 PM

Have any of you guys had a dream about a game and bet on it?

I just woke up and all I remember is I had a dream about the Louisville vs. Kentucky game.

The images I have in my head are highlights of Kentucky and Kentucky scoring at will.

I remember hearing the announcer say that Kentucky was winning in a blow out baby.

I’m serious by the way. I was not planing on betting this game but since I had a dream about it I’m gonna act on it.

The game I decided to bet on a long time ago was the Ohio St. vs. Kansas game. I didn’t have a dream about the winner of this match up but I’m on Kansas.

Kentucky vs. Kansas in the championship game

I feel stupid for positing this but if my dream happens? I thought I should at least post it so I have evidence that it happened.

Have any of you guys had a dream about a game and bet on what your dream said would happen?


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