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Posted Thursday, December 15, 2011 10:50 AM

It was a must trade for the Clips

IF this isn't a great trade by the Clippers, then it is definitely a very good one...

I'm sure a lot of you die hards have heard this a million times, usually the team that gets the best player(in his prime) gets the better of the deal, usually 3 for 1 or 4 for 1 or whatever.. And that is the case here, i really do believe this...

Yes it would of been much better obviously if the Clips didn't give up Gordon who is a young talented player but still... 

They get Paul, a future hall of famer in his prime for 2 years and after that im pretty sure they will convince him to play because Paul will have a lot of fun throwing lobs to griffin and DeAndre jordan all game long. And no one throws better lobs than paul. Chandler made a living off those lobs when he was in New Orleans..

So they lose Gordon (very talented but slightly undersized  at 6'3 SG), they lose Kaman (injury prone, getting old, and would not of been happy coming off the bench to Jordan), they lose Aminu (no big loss here), and they lose a very good draft pick (you never know who you will get in the draft, this is an unknown even top 3 picks can end up being a huge bust, we dont even know if this would be a top 2 or 3 pick)

In return clips get Paul.. Like i said, this guy is a super talent, a proven top 2/3 PG in this league for many years now... If anyone saw those playoff games vs the Lakers last year, that alone would show you how this guy can dominate ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2010 01:08 PM

My favorite bet this week is and this will shock you...

Seattle at home +5.5 and you might as well take the ML +218 cause if they cover they are going to win. 

Yes i know i may be on crack but i just like this bet...

Seattle is a weird bunch, they seem to have a monster game blowing out their opponents (even last year even though they sucked overall at i think 5-11) anyways, they win big then they get crushed (happened so far the first 2 games this season, they win big beating SF at home then losing huge their next game on the road)   

Looking at last year, they seem to bounce back big after a big loss if their next game is at home.  I  think it will be similar to this one and they will come out and beat the Chargers.

yes i know it seems strange to want to bet on the Hawks after they got crushed but they are different at home and they are getting 5.5 and +218 on the ML. Not a bad deal especially when SD usually starts off a bit slow.

Posted Saturday, July 03, 2010 09:05 AM

Reasons why Brock's line is going down....

A lot of people are asking why it went from around -180/-200 to now like -120...  Ill give the coles notes version of why and i might be leaving out some stuff but very quickly a list. 

A) Brocks long layoff

B) Brock was very sick, lot of critics are wondering if he will come back strong from it. 

C) Brock lost a lot of weight, a shitload, people are unsure what this will do.  He could be faster but he could loose a lot of strength and that is what he does best which is bully smaller opponents but Carwin is apparently as big weight wise as Brock.

So pretty much those are the main reasons why brocks line has gone down that i know of.  Of course a bit goes to Carwins hype whether warranted or not.

And before some of you jump on what im saying, these arent all based on my opinion. This shit is coming from what ive read or from what i have seen on TV in interviews and such...

Posted Saturday, July 03, 2010 08:58 AM

Darko's contract doesnt look so bad

I would actually rather have Darko than Amir Johnson. Darko is at least a big man who blocks a lot of shots and we all know big men are hard to find in this league.  Centers are always overpaid cause  decent players over 6'10 (260+) are rare.   Guys that play like amir 6'9 210 on the other hand are a dime a dozen. He does try hard though and seems to have a good attitude but still..

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 09:36 AM

Which UFC division do you think is the most intriguing?

After years of crap, no talent... i gotta say its has to be the heavyweight divy.   Its become very compelling and lot of possible scenarios, and very exciting right now.   With all the new very talented heavyweights making big splashes in the last year or so, how can we not say the heavyweight division is at the top.

Funny how things change, it used to be the light heavyweight division for a long time when Chuck/Tito/Couture then it was the welterweight with GSP/Penn/Hughes and so on...

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 11:02 AM

Atl +4 vs Cowboys???

At first glance this looks like a solid bet. Atlanta has been pretty sharp and them going into SF and destroying them like they did, then beating a pretty good chicago team...  Cowbells havent impressed me this season.

Falcons +4 looks solid. 


Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2009 09:59 AM

Suicide Pool Week 4

Im in a suicide pool, nothing to do with spread but i included it anyway here to show how much a team is favored..  i can only pick a team once in the season. 
Possible choices
Chic -10.5 at home vs Det  (looking to save the bears further down the season, week 13 they play St-Louis in Chic, or week 8 they play Clev in Chicago)
NYG -9 Away vs KC  (dont like taking the away teams and could probably use the Giants in another game later on in the season)
Houston -9.5 at home vs Oak  (this is probably the game i am going with, I looked at the rest of houstons schedule, this is by far their best possible win)
SF -10  at home vs the Rammers (i considered this but 49ers play in SF vs Det in week 16 if i get to that point)  i see no difference between this and the Houston Oak game so might as well take Hous which i know i wouldnt be able to use them at another point in the season....
who are you taking?

Posted Monday, September 14, 2009 08:40 AM

Del Pots vs Feds Finals

Feds is up 2 sets, he is something like Million-0 after being up 2 sets  so  I think it is a safe assumption that the FINALS will be  Del Potro vs Federer.
What will the odds be?  Feds is looking fantastic/sharp right now...  Im a little uneasy having Del Pots to win with my future bets. 
I think the odds have to be around -220 Feds. Feds is just so strong mentally. Del Pots hasnt been tested in the US Open thus far so we dont know exactly where his head will be in. He is a young stud but hard to say when he faces the greatest of all time in a huge grandslam.

Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:45 AM

UFC 103 card looks like worst ever

Ufc usuallly has great cards even if there isnt a title fight.  I think UFC 103 is one of their worst cards in the last 2 years.. U know its bad if Franklin is the headliner...
Frankline vs  Belfort
Cro Cop vs JNR Santos
Swick vs Kampman
Kos vs Trig
Grif vs Hermes Franca
Like come on, i dont care what anyone says, that is a shitty card from what we usually expect out of the UFC.  No significant fights really, u could say that swick vs Kamp has ramifications cause the winner faces GSP but neither one of those guys really stands a chance and who really wants to see thsoe guys fight. really......... UFC 102 Card kills this card and ufc 102 wasnt considered a great card........

Posted Sunday, August 02, 2009 09:06 AM

Top 5 vs Field

I just dont see how any of these 5 teams dont win the title.   I would be very shocked if  the title comes from a team not named  Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Magic, Cavs......
What would the odds be to take those 5 teams vs the field..
The field would have every other team including Miami, Dallas, New Orleans, Denver, Portland, Utah and even Saco and Minnesota, two amazing teams  haha.  
I think the odds would be like
(Celts, Magic, Spurs, Lakers, Cavs) -900
Field 25 teams +750
Probably would be even higher than -900

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2009 08:21 PM

NFL Team to win their AFC Division

Team to win the AFC Division: East Division
Sun 9/13 New England Patriots vs The Field(other 3 teams)
10:00 AM 901 New England Patriots -393
  902 The Field(other 3 teams) +343

Team to win the AFC Division: North Division
Sun 9/13 Team to win the AFC North Division
10:00 AM 805 Pittsburgh Steelers -240
  806 Baltimore Ravens +307
  807 Cleveland Browns +1600
  808 Cincinnati Bengals +877

Team to win the AFC Division: South Division
Sun 9/13 Team to win the AFC South Division
10:00 AM 809 Tennessee Titans +300
  810 Indianapolis Colts +125
  811 Houston Texans +353
  812 Jacksonville Jaguars +440

Team to win the AFC Division: West Division
Sun 9/13 San Diego Chargers vs The Field(other 3 teams)
10:00 AM 910 San Diego Chargers -366
  911 The Field(other 3 teams) +326
Any value to any of these teams???  Not who you think, who has the best value.

Posted Sunday, July 26, 2009 08:05 AM

Got to give them credit, the Spurs have improved bigtime this offseason.

Everyone was writing them off after last year then they go out and make a ton of great moves.  They added RJ, McDyess, rookie Blair, and shotblocker Rat Pack Ratliff.... If they stay healthy they will at least get to the West Finals (unless maybe they have to face the Lakers beforehand).... The only team i can see beating them in the West is the Laker Show.
Good Job Spurs, props. 

Posted Friday, July 17, 2009 10:32 AM

Shaq vs. Lesnar in MMA

He wants Lesnar, obviously its Shaq the ultimate jokester but i would be interesting to see him fight some other guys.  The thing is, he would never be able to make the 265 cut, the guy is like 330 at his lightest playing in the NBA for crying out loud.;,176709

Posted Wednesday, June 17, 2009 02:57 PM

Shogun is the next LHW champ

LOL,  that was a headline at sherdog from some guy in the message brd..
the rest reads:
Shogun will get hit and Machida will get caught in a submission.
Watch Machida always gets over zealous once he knocks an opponent down and trys to go in for the kill, then whammm, Shogun sinks in a heel hook as machida trys to get back up.
typical thread at sherdog... some are good but mostly are like this one.

Posted Friday, June 12, 2009 11:18 AM

UFC 99 thoughts

Just looking at the spreads, i really like Franklins chances vs Silva who has slipped huge since being back in the UFC.  As much as i have always thought Franklin is overated, i really do think he should and will beat Silva. Silva has looked awful in his past couple fights, he has won only one out of 3 in the ufc and one of those losses was getting pummelled by the Iceman.  Plus wandy was the only guy Liddell beat in liddells las 5 fights.   Wandys last 5 fights:   Quinton Jackson KO (Punch) UFC 92 - The Ultimate 2008 12/27/2008 1 3:21 Keith Jardine KO (Punches) UFC 84 - Ill Will 5/24/2008 1 0:36 Chuck Liddell Decision (Unanimous) UFC 79 - Nemesis 12/29/2007 3 5:00 Dan Henderson KO (Punches) PRIDE 33 - Second Coming 2/24/2007 3 2:08 Mirko Filipovic KO (Head Kick) PRIDE - Final Conflict Absolute 9/10/2006 1 5:26     ... [More]

Posted Monday, June 08, 2009 09:01 AM

Orlando Blew it bigtime tonight...

They had their chances. Especially at the end of regulation when Lee missed that close range shot... then in OT, they play Redick  lol. A useless player who does only one thing, and that is shoot and he hasnt done that well in all the of the playoffs. He has been in a slump all playoffs. He cant play D, not good off the dribble, not a good passer, yet they play him for a shitload of minutes during this crucial game. 
  Im so pissed off, im going to have a hard time watching the next game especially if they play Redick. 

Posted Sunday, June 07, 2009 12:28 AM

Kobe not the best closer of all time?

Ridiculous, he is a clutch player and can hit big shots in the dying moments but i dont know if he is the best, and definitely not the best of all time (Jordan, Bird, list goes on, he doesnt make top 10) ... Look at what he did last year vs Boston, they lost a couple close games to Boston. The biggest thing that shows he is not the greatest at closing out games is how his team lost a 24pt lead at home mind you in game 4 of last years finals. If you cant get your team to close out a must win (they were down 2-1 in the series)  at home with a 24pt lead then you got problems, that is the 1st time ever i think that a team blew that kind of lead in the playoffs at home, kobe went 6 of 19 from the field for 17points that crucial game...Kobe has 3 championships but shaq got the MVP in each of those im pretty sure..Kobe is a great player but lets not put him in the likes of the best closers of all time. 

Posted Thursday, May 21, 2009 03:17 PM

If you had to start a team right now to win a championship for the 2009/2010 Season...

A couple rules/thoughts:   1) You could not pick any players from the ALLNBA 1st team because that would be too easy, so NO Lebron James, Wade, Kobe, Howard, or Nowitzki.   2) Obviously, you cannot pick all point guards or put guys in spots where they probably wont be successful like playing Pierce at PF.   3) This is your team for the whole season and playoffs, so be weary of your guys getting injured and so on...   4) Most importantly, your team does not and probably should not have all the best remaining players, you should look to fill all the needs, you might need role players, shooters, team players and so on...     A) Who would be your starting 5?    B) Who would be on your bench?  (7 players)       Starting 5   I will write in my bench players later...   C Tim Duncan  (Cant go wrong here, the guy is a winner with all his championships, he plays hard, hall of famer.......)  Im putting him at Center cause i dont trust yao staying healthy, aside from this year, he has been brutal over the last like 4 years.   PF Kevin Garnett    (This is an easy one, he should be fine for next season, im a huge celtics fan, we all know this guy has a huge heart and of course he is a defensive master which I want on my team, toughness and defense)   SF Carmelo Anthony  (Never thought i would put this guy on my team but he has really mat... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 03, 2009 07:21 PM

Hawks vs. Cavs

We all know the Cavs are advancing and after watching how easily the Hawks dismantled the Heat, i cant see the Heat winning a game 7 in Atlanta if it goes that far.    The Hawks impressed me huge last night.  They have a very good team, not great, but they can present problems to a lot of teams.  Last years series vs the Celts where they took the champs to 7 games has proven to give the Hawks a hunger and the experience to do some damage this years playoffs.    The Heat in game 1 show that they dont have a 2nd act behind Wade, Beasley is good but he is too young to carry any offensive load.  The Heat just dont have enough pieces, very stagnant.  The Hawks have more weapons, too athletic, too good at home.   So how big a fav will the Cavs be over the Hawks. I really think it will be more than it should be.  Wouldn't surprise me if the Cavs are -700 to -900 around to beat the Hawks.   Looking at the matchups real quick:   1) PGs=  Mo Will vs Bibby.  This is pretty close. Bibby has unlimited playoff experience while Mo does not.  Mo has been a great fit for the cavs this year and has really lifted them.   Too close to call this one.   2)  SG=  Delonte West vs JJ.  West is actually a bit underated but no doubt this goes to Joe Johnson who is one of the best SGs in the league.   3) LBJ vs Marvin Williams.    Close one  lol.... [More]


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