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Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2012 11:31 PM

First Time Poster - NFL Week 7

I browse this website from time to time and finally decided to "contribute," so to speak.  I only focus on percentage shifts on lines to handicap, percentage being the key word.  I have found different leagues (NFL,NBA,NCAAF) all have their little nuances.  I must admit, though, I haven't studied NBA enough to say much. 
Now, I do not claim to be a professional, whatever that really means, but I do believe I am far away from being a square.
My "system" works the best in NFL (IMO) but can be applied to everything.  However, I put more money on NFL games than any other.  I am still working to perfect my NCAA, but I will be posting those as well on another thread, located on the NCAAF board.
I hope that no one tails me, not that you would, or should, but perhaps if my information correlates with something about a team you have been considering, it may be of help.
So far, IMO, here are the best bets in the NFL for this coming week (Week 7).  This method went 4-0 last week, which doesn't mean it will this week, or claim to be a representation of future outcomes, but last week was: Dallas,Browns,Seattle,Buffalo. (4-0 ATS).  
P.S. A unit for me = $5.00  At some point, when I lessen my overall debt it will increase, but for now, I am not trying to make a living on this or anything, just want to have some fun.  To me, gambling starts to take you over when you are not properly capitalized - you start to make... [More]


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