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Posted Saturday, June 16, 2012 02:34 AM

Sunday Showdown

Lets begin with a quick over view of tonight’s Game 3 between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Let me get this out first and explain to everyone how this 2-3-2 format does not favor the higher seed.  The Heat now have three home games and high possibility of winning the final game 5 at home. The Thunder however need to steal one game in Miami in order to have a chance.  What I do not like about this compared to the 2-2-1-1-1 is the opportunity for the lower seed to win at home and not on the road. I had this series in 6 but looking at the play of the Heat they can end it in 5. The format shall be changed due to the simple fact that it favors the lower seeded team and not the higher seeded team. I’m sure this will be switched next year according to numerous sources.

This game comes down to who is more aggressive. The Heat have came out the opening tip and were on fire both times continually winning the half by 7+ points a game. Sunday I see no difference. Let’s hope there is a little bit better officiating but something I can not stress enough to everyone is that the ref’s are not the reason this game went in the Heats favor. It was a great game and the ref’s did play a minor part, however there were other factors; the 16 point lead in the beginning of the game, the missed free throws, the horrid point guard play from Westbrook in the first half and the jump shots from the Heat, they are not a jump  shot team they need to drive. Lets look for thi... [More]

Posted Friday, June 15, 2012 01:56 AM

Game 2 MIA @ OKC

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Game 2 a game where Miami had to steal, even though there odds are against them they needed this one. Kevin Durant made
a big play hitting a clutch shot in the late parts of the game but Lebron had some big free throws and a big off glass shot with 1:26 left. Lebron and Dwayne Wade needed to show case there talents tonight and that is exactly what they did. This is the first game that they have started since the Knicks series and it was a big reunion for them. I noticed Durant came to play tonight he had all the points he normally gets and even a solid 4th. Like I said before the OKC Thunder needed a big day from Harden and that is what he gave them. He kept them in the game in 1st half and that is something OKC should be tha... [More]

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2012 07:02 PM

Game 2 Pre-Game

Game 2 MIA @ OKC

Now everyone I have been talking to and most people in the NBA forums have been putting a lot of pressure on Lebron in this game. As it should be but we also need to understand that Dwayne Wade is someone we need to give some pressure to in this situation. I have a view on this Miami Heat team as something similar to Cleveland Cavilers of old when Lebron first came into the league. There is no help on this team for Lebron in these playoffs so far. Dwayne did play good in the indian series for 2 games but other than that he is absent in the 1st half and basically is no threat to OKC. I will get into more detail of these players when i do my Player Breakdown. OKC is a great team who didn't even expose there biggest x-factor James Harden. He is going to play a big part tonight. As well as Durant and Westbrook. 

Key Player Breakdown:

Lebron James is the best athlete on the floor tonight he is arguably the best player on the floor as well. What we saw alot from him last game was jump shots. Not a strength in Lebron's game. What he needs to do more in this game is be more aggressive with the ball. Drive to the hoop and finish at the rim. Off the ball he needs to move, slash and dice to the open areas of the floor. Guarding Durant also is another key thing for Lebron this game he needs to be forcing Durant to take bad shots. Last game while he was Guarding him off of switches he made KD uncomfortable and made him miss. When the 4th quarter ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012 01:55 AM

Heat vs Thunder GM 1 Recap

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were completely outmatched tonight against the duo of Westbrook and Durant. 

I continue to not be surprised that the Thunder won although being down by double digits in the first half. The Thunder came out in the 2nd half like a new team sparked by Sefolosha in the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter with an and one to bring the thunder within a basket from tying the game. From than on it looked like the thunder continued to put there foot on the pedal and not stop.

I was surprised to see Durant take the opportunity to guard Lebron James while Lebron during the 2nd half wasn't up for it. I think Lebron was focused on the offense side of things and not taking Durant seriously, thinking he would be tired of guarding him and how that would effect his offensive game. All in all to wrap things up Durant and Westbrook took over the fourth quarter and really showed Lebron and Wade how to close out a home playoff game.

Durant was a monster on the offensive side in the 4th quarter. This was the game that the Heat could have stolen but now it looks like they will go down 2-0 come Thursday. 
Lebron James 30 Pts 9 Reb 4 Assist 4 Steals, however i think his lack of defense on Durant really was the main focus of this game. We all knew he would get his own on the offensive side but defense is something that wins championships. Dwayne Wade 19 Pts 4 Reb 8 Assits, I think Wade was the one who just didn't show up, he clearly... [More]


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