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Posted Saturday, December 05, 2009 10:55 AM

Parlay for tonight

Hey guys, big day for games and fights.  I have a small parlay to share for tonight.  I'll put some more plays in tonight.

Houston, Bocek, Edgar and Hamill/Jones going the distance.

Houston is ready to get back in and win.  He is in great shape as he has been working out ever since his Adrenaline win.  He is hungry and will be too much for Kimbo.  He won't be intimidated like Kimbo's former opponents.

Bocek is fighting a guy that lives and trains close to my home.  Joe Brammer isn't that good and will get the octagon nervousness tonight.  Bocek will submit him.

Edgar doesn't need an explanation.  He is one of the most underrated fighters in the world.  He knows if he loses this there is no potential title fight.  It is a no win situation for him.  He is supposed to win.  He will.

The last part is the hardest part.  I need the main event to go the distance.  Matt Hamill is one tough guy.  He will battle Jones throughout this whole fight.  We all know Jones is a great athlete.  I don't see him getting in trouble.  He doesn't hit hard enough to knock Matt out either.  They are both great wrestlers so we might see some laying and wasted time which I would welcome.  Thanks guys,  let's cash.

3.4 to 1 are the odds.


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