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Posted Sunday, October 11, 2009 12:24 PM

NFL WEEK 5 Parlays

As I said last week I get 3 to 1 odds from my local if I choose the game and total - both from same game...  I pick 3 parlays per week and hope to win at least one of them.  Last week I won one out of three.  I chose Indy -10 and over 44.  They won 34-17 so I won.  I lost with Dal -1 and under 43.5..  I had the total right just missed with Dal. (they could of easily got that one too)  I also lost with Ten -3 and Over 41, once again I had the total right but we all know what happened to Ten.  So I was 4 out of 6 picks and 1 for 3 on the parlays.  If you look at my space you can see my previous blog entries..


This week I am going strong with the favorites.  Here are my three parlays:

Phi -15.5 and Over 41.  Philly is coming off a bye week and have Donovan McNabb back.  They will blow out TB.  The over under is the hard part here.  Will TB contribute?  I'm not sure, hoping Philly scores alot.  Prediction Phi 35 - TB 10.  2 units.


Minn -10 and Over 40.  St Louis is horrible and will not be able to stop either the run (AP) or the passing game from Brett.  Look for another blowout here.  Prediction Minn 33 - St L 16.  2 units.


NYG -15 and Under 37.  Giants should blow out Oak with or without Eli.  Oak is horrible especially on the road.  Another blowout prediction maybe a shutout. ... [More]

Posted Sunday, October 04, 2009 12:07 PM

NFL Week 4 Parlays - my top 3 of the day!!

Since my local bookie offers 3-1 odds on a two team parlay if we pick the same game for the parlay I cant resist.  in other words you have to chose the game against the spread and the same game total.  Last week I went 1 out of three which ends up being a win since it pays 3-1.

I will parlay the following.


Indy -10 and Over 44.  Seattle is awful on the road with Hasselback.(even worse without him)  Peyton is rolling, seems unstopable at the moment.  I think Seattle will score some points because Freeney is out and might give Wallace some running room, scrambling room and we know Peyton will score at least 28 or more.  He might light it up more being at home in the dome (maybe Indy covers the 44 pts by themselves!!)  Prediction Indy 35 - Seattle 16.  I am betting 3 units on this parlay.

Ten -3 and Over 41.  Tennessee is way overdue for a win.  Enough said.  They are just too good of a team to be 0-3.  Two of their losses are against really good teams Pittsburgh and Jets.  Jax is coming off an impressive win last week but their defense is suspect giving up alot of points.  In fact both teams have over games the last two weeks.  Look for a game where both teams score at least 21 pts hitting the over in the 4th quarter.  Prediction Tenn 27 - Jax 21.  I am betting 2 units on this parlay.

Dal -1 and Under 43.5.  Denver keeps their games lo... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2009 09:30 AM

Vegas Lines - how can they set them so good??

Did anyone else notice the incredible balance in Week One?  8 favorites covered, 7 dogs won and one push.  8 unders and 8 overs..  If that is not balance I dont know what is.  This was a perfect start for books.  The favorites were looking good until Monday.  I bet alot on NE and SD, as I am sure many people did.  But in the back of my mind I knew better.  Vegas never loses so the books rarely do either..  My question is simple, how can they set the Vegas Lines so good??

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2009 09:15 AM

My College Locks for Week 3

Here are my College Picks for this week.  FLA, BYU and Cincy are my 3 unit locks...

Boise St -7.5     2 units

Mich -23     1 unit

Purdue -12     2 units

UNC -6.5     2 units

Fla -29     3 units  (FLA might win by 50, Tenn coach should keep his mouth shut!!)

Nebraska +3.5     1 unit

Toledo +20     1 unit

Notre Dame -10     1 unit

Cinc +1     3 units  (Great spot for a ML bet, UC is on a roll and not looking back)

BYU -7.5     3 units  (continue to ride that Championship hope, no letdown here)

Georgia -1     2 units

Texas -17.5     1 unit



Last week I went 7-5 (+4 units), 2-1 on my locks...  Still cant believe USC was held down for 3 quarters.

Last weeks picks: CMU +14 - 2 units (win), Fresno St +7 - 3 units (win), Va Tech -19.5  - 1 unit (win), Notre Dame -3  - 2 units (loss), Okla St -16.5  - 2 units (loss), BYU -18.5 - 3 units (win), Tex -31.5 - 1 unit (loss), UCLA +11 - 1 unit (win), SCar +7 - 2 units (win) Tex Tch -27 - 2 units (win), USC -7 - 3 units (loss), Ore -13 - 2 units (loss).

... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 13, 2009 01:01 PM

Week One NFL picks - 1:00 games

Here are my picks for the 1:00 games for week one of the NFL:

Baltimore -13 - 2 units

Cincinnati -4.5 - 2 units

Den/Cin <41 - 1 unit

Detroit +14 - 2 units

Cleveland +4 - 1 unit


I'll respond with my 4:00 picks later today, Good Luck everyone!!!


Posted Saturday, January 10, 2009 12:46 PM

UD FLYERS - 14-1 (top 25 coming?)

University of Dayton Flyers now 14-1 play UMASS today.  With a win might break the top 25.
Posted: 1/10/2009 12:39:22 PM    My beloved Flyers cover easy and break into top 25 after this win..  gonna be 15-1.

Chris Wright is a stud, the 2 dreadlock guards Warren and Lowry swarm defensively, extreme quickness.  They look like twins out there but play totally different games.  Warren, more experience and presses well.  Lowry the better shooter.

Marcus Johnson - the junior small forward - infamous for playing with Lebron James at StV in Akron - has a little Lebron game to him.  40 inch vertical and can hound anyone defensively.  has a knack to find the open man or take you to the rim and above the rim.  yes hes only 6'4" but plays like he's 6'8".

Charles Little - the senior out of Tennessee (player of year in HS) - is a solid inside banger.  He and Huelsman compliment Wright to round out a great defensive rebounding team.  They keep opponents to really low scores and shooting percentages..  check it out!!

Too bad Josh Benson - 6'10' from Dayton Dunbar state team is out w injury...  it will be nice to see how the frosh comes back - he was impressive in HS.

coach Gregory, an Izzo disciple, plays 12 guys every game and centers his game plan around speed, quickness, defense and more defense...  similar to MSU and Izzo.

Go UD FLYERS - get some r... [More]

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 08:22 PM

UD Flyers 10-1 moving up!!

UD now 10-1..  GO FLYERS!!!  looking forward to the A-10 season.
2008 Schedule Date Time (ET) Opponent Result Score Stories Sun. Nov. 16 7:00 p.m.    Wofford Won 52-49 Recap | Box Wed. Nov. 19 7:30 p.m.    Delaware State Won 62-42 Recap | Box Sun. Nov. 23 2:00 p.m.    Bethune-Cookman Won 78-38 Recap | Box Tue. Nov. 25 7:30 p.m.    ... [More]

Posted Sunday, December 21, 2008 11:53 AM

I dont usually parlay but I feel good about this

Most of the time I only bet sides or totals and stay away from parlays..  today will be my first parlay of the year, weather and non-weather are big factors with my decision:

Atlanta / Minnesota  OVER 43         -  predict 57 pts - dome
Miami / KC  UNDER 37.5          -  predict 26 pts - 9 degrees, windy
NO / Detroit  OVER 49.5          -  predict 55 pts - dome

(locked it in before the NO/Det went up, I believe it is now at 50.5, but I would still go over)

I have each of these on a separate straight bet just in case one of them screws up the parlay...  Good Luck everyone!!!


Posted Monday, December 08, 2008 07:47 PM


01/02 8:15 PM
Utah vs Alabama -10   45 

01/08 8:15 PM
Oklahoma vs Florida -3    72.5

01/05 8:15 PM
Ohio State vs Texas -10    54

01/01 8:15 PM
Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati -1   41

01/01 5:00 PM
Penn St vs So. Cal -10    45

Wow, some really interesting early lines..  Just focusing on the BCS games..  Here are the picks I like to jump on  (In order of my confidence level)

#1 - PSU/USC under for sure!!   Two good defenses..  USC will not give up more that 14 pts here unless something crazy happens on special teams or turnovers.

#2 - Texas to cover easy.  probably will be a blow out.  Texas was really robbed and they have alot to prove.  I am from Ohio and love the bucks but they are outmatched here. 

#3 - OK/FLA I dunno who will win but I am going to say it will be way over..(at least 85 pts here)

#4 - Alabama to cover (ALA has something to prove after losing the SEC Championship game and Utah is a nice team but a lil out of their league here)..

#5 - Va Tech +1 basically I think they will win this one outright...  although I would love to see Cincy win but I dont think so.

Please let me know what you guys are thinking.  I am planning to place some early bets and want to hear what you think about my predictions.  Dont w... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 04, 2008 07:06 PM


I have lived in Dayton Ohio for over 30 years..  I have been following Dayton Flyers basketball since I can remember..  going back to Roosevelt "Velvet" Chapman and their run to the Elite 8 and the big game against Wayman Tisdale and the Okahoma Sooners..  What a game..  Chapman and Tisdale both scored a ton of points.  This is from a "Top 10 most memorable March Madness performances"

10. Roosevelt
"Velvet'' Chapman, Dayton In 1984, the Flyer star upset Wayman Tisdale's Oklahoma team with 41 points, then scored 22 in an upset of Detlef Schrempf's Washington team.

That was during the Donoher glory days..  now we have Gregory and his new "deep bench" philosophy.  Not going to get a huge ppg average for any of his players but the strategy is working so far.  last year they started off with a 11-0 start and beating ranked Louisville and Pittsburgh.  they lost Freshman Chris Wright to injury and it went downhill.  This year they are off to a 8-0 start with wins over Auburn and 15th ranked Marquette.  If they stay healthy they should do well in the A10.

Back during the Donoher days in the 80's I recall the team going 7 or 8 players deep and thats why stars like Roosevelt Chapman emerged.  What do you think about Gregory's philosophy with rotating 10-12 players every night?  I would be interested to hear who thinks that is a good idea or not.  I have... [More]


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