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Posted Sunday, April 22, 2012 09:39 AM

Uefa Champions League - Semi's 2nd Leg

We're in for two great games in the semifinals of the UCL. Almost everyone expects an "El Clasico" in the big final between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but make no mistake, they'll have to work hard to get there. Tuesday we will have Barcelona vs Chelsea on Nou Camp, in Spain. Chelsea managed to win, 1-0, last Wednesday at home, and the fact that they didn't receive any goal is huge for them. Teams are starting to figure out how to stop Barca, a better defense with low spaces between the lines seems to be they key to success against this great team. Chelsea defended superbly against them, and the counter attack will be the way to go again for the english side. Barcelona comes after two losses in a row, Sunday losing the "El Clasico" against the archrivales Real Madrid, at home, 1-2, losing almost every chance for another League Title this season. My pick here is UNDER 2.5 goals, as neither Barcelona or Chelsea are in a very good offensive form. Chelsea will defend all game and Barcelona will struggle to find open spaces for Messi and Xavi to try and score. Moreover, Chelsea is much stronger physically than Barcelona and they will play hard to intimidate the spaniards. 
Bayern Munchen played a great game against Real Madrid last Tuesday, winning 2-1 after pretty much dominating the whole game. Ribery and Robben are two speedsters, world class players that know how to play at this level. The germans have one of the best offensive line in Europe, and we all k... [More]

Posted Thursday, March 08, 2012 09:53 AM

Orlando Magic @ Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are rolling right now, with 8 wins in a row, covering the line 6 times in those 8 games. Orlando is coming after a surprising loss @ Charlotte, and is having mediocre performances, winning 3 games in their last 6. The Bulls are playing their 5th game in 7 days and fatigue might be an issue. I really have no idea if they want to set a record this season for the less losses, but I do think that with this condensed schedule, fatigue might be an issue. CJ Watson and Hamilton will be out for this game, and both of them are important pieces in Thibodeau's system. Orlando tends to play up to their competition, and I do believe the team wants to make a push in this game to try and convince Dwight that he can win in Orlando. Aside of the Bobcats loss, Orlando lost lately only against above average or elite teams (OKC, Miami twice, Atlanta twice, Clippers, Philly, Indiana) and managed to win against teams they were supposed to win. This isn't enough to keep Dwight there so this week is crucial for Orlando as they will play with Chicago, Indiana and Miami their next three games before the trade deadline. Chicago has a great defense as I think everyone knows by now, but they also have a great offense, ranked 3rd in offensive efficiency, while Orlando is 12th. The Bulls have the 2nd D in the league when refering to defensive efficiency, while Orlando is #11. Orlando should be focusing on trading for an elite PG, because if they lose Dwight, imagine what kind of defense they... [More]


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