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Posted Friday, August 07, 2009 11:15 AM   6 comments
Cards -1.5
Giants -1.5
Under 9 Cubs Rocks

3 Teamer
White Sox (I think this will be closer than you think but Clevelands bullpen will get smashed and Sowers will only go 6)

I am just interested in making money and not making this harder than it is.
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BUBBA_ARMY48 says:
8/7/2009 12:46:50 PM
big10buckeye says:
8/7/2009 12:48:19 PM
on the RLs as well

Good Luck

Cramdog23 says:
8/7/2009 12:53:40 PM
BOL  - I have those same three in a parlay, but added Toronto to make it a 4 teamer.
MrBator says:
8/7/2009 4:59:26 PM
What fun is it to win with a -300 favorite?  Even when you win, you often have to suffer great anxiety during the game if and when your -300 lock falls behind.  Even an early 1-0 deficit is scary.
thatsagoodone says:
8/7/2009 7:01:14 PM
MrBator says:
8/7/2009 9:33:25 PM



I'll bet Cards/Giants backers have their knees knocking as they stand in a puddle of their own urine with St. Louis down 4-3 in the bottom of the 6th.  These nonsense huge chalk 2-teamers just aren't worth the scare, never mind the humiliation of losing with a -300 sure thing.

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