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I slept with a married woman

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Posted Sunday, December 13, 2009 09:00 PM   225 comments
I work night shift doing data entry type crap work for a bank.

In recent months i've been chatting it up with an older woman who sits just a few cubicals away from me.  My guess is she's in her late 30's - she refuses tell me the age, but i'm guess 37 or 38.  Recently we've been taking our breaks and lunches at the same time....hanging out more in general. Me doing most of the talking; and her laughing at everything I say.

Anyways, so over the last couple weeks she's been telling me about her two kids she loves...and also her husband who says she fights with all the time, and says he spends more time with his friends playing poker.  

As we'd gotten 'tighter' in recent weeks, I was seriously starting to think I gotta shot at nailing this cougar friend of mine, with rather large, fine breasts.   I was also getting the feeling that she was looking to take a run at young, fresh blood.

So Friday morning, I give her a ride home, and she asks me if she could come check out my apartment before I drop her off.   Or should I say 'cum' check it out.  At this point, I knew it was 'party time'.

So we get back to my place and the wild cougar friend of mine litterly pounces all over me for 15 minutes of crazy sex before I finally blew my load.  I held off as long as I could but this woman was fucking she hasnt had sex for a freakin year.

I feel bad for her kids, but not for her husband who hasnt been paying any attention to her.

I'm hoping it doesnt get 'weird' at work this week.
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Messier-11 says:
12/13/09 09:08PM
Molsen says:
12/13/09 09:14PM
coldsnap55 says:
12/13/09 09:14PM
Looks like you and your new Dad  have something in common.
pezeveng says:
12/13/09 09:51PM
jackdfan says:
12/13/09 09:56PM
Mods, please don't wait, put this in Archives real soon!
VGPOP says:
12/13/09 09:58PM
samuelsosa says:
12/13/09 10:15PM
I hope I can be involved in a archived thread. NoseHair...tell us more.
CountNo_Account says:
12/13/09 10:56PM
Was she tucked and taped and FABULOUS?
Coley says:
12/13/09 11:01PM
You're a douchebag.
DTher85 says:
12/13/09 11:11PM
Even if this is true, you're still a scumbag for sleeping with her. Do you even really know what is going on in her marriage? You only hear what she is telling you, who knows if she is a just a crazy bitch who likes to cheat on her husband. I am sure you have created an awkward situation for yourself at work now, having sex with a co-worker is not the smartest move since it rarely works out. In the end you should not be proud of yourself, let alone gloating about this. You should never get involved in someone's marriage like this. I hope her husband does not find out and eventually beats the piss out of you, although I would not blame him if he did. I'm not trying to pick a fight with you or anything, I am just telling you how wrong this is and that you may have created a very bad situation for yourself. Why give yourself a headache when you can avoid it?
Killer_B says:
12/14/09 12:08AM
85, you make some great points. I've (not proudly) done that before but never with kids involved. I'm not going to be the one to break up a family. I don't need that shit in my life. Thats one you would never forget or feel good about it when you did think of it. Nothing ever good ever comes out of the "at work/married w/kids broad". The 15 minutes of passion while thrilling can come with incredible ramifications including murder.
samuelsosa says:
12/14/09 12:10AM
If Nosehair didnt do the deed someone else would of. The woman is clearly a full-blown skeezer.
Retburj13 says:
12/14/09 12:31AM

u read penthouse forum too?!?! nice.......
tim1604 says:
12/14/09 12:34AM
this shit cracks me up, we need pics?
Ace77 says:
12/14/09 12:35AM
Jaysvdubwhat says:
12/14/09 12:36AM

and not of nose
Jaysvdubwhat says:
12/14/09 12:36AM
she must be down with the wigger look
LakeFavorite says:
12/14/09 01:09AM
It's cool with me. I'm her husband. I'm really good at poker, and her tits aren't that great. Enjoy........
CrusCrnshw says:
12/14/09 01:58AM
i bet she has red hair and is mildly husky
J_Money420 says:
12/14/09 03:21AM
hahahahah another classic from nose hair
raceman06 says:
12/14/09 03:31AM
pics nose hair, we need pics.
raceman06 says:
12/14/09 03:31AM
pics nose hair, we need pics.
Bigballer says:
12/14/09 06:16AM
Do you make a post, every time you get laid?

KOAJ says:
12/14/09 07:07AM
at first she wasnt into The Situation but The Situation makes you love The Situation
PocketJacks says:
12/14/09 07:26AM

Congratulations Nosehair, you finally earned your Big Boy pants. 


Now, judging by that picture in your avatar I am thinking that even if her husband is a drunk midget with one arm, he could still whoop your ass.



Please call FartNSniff right away so you two can car pool to work together, I don't want anything happening to you. 

D-Town says:
12/14/09 07:43AM
jmw59 says:
12/14/09 10:50AM

What about her breasts NH?

Tell us about them please.

umgmu says:
12/14/09 12:25PM

Pocket Jacks lmao

this could be a classic in Covers history as the year comes to a close...

ad1260 says:
12/14/09 12:30PM

These sort of threads bring me extreme joy.

pjrez says:
12/14/09 02:47PM
Dsn150 says:
12/14/09 04:13PM
BleedBlu says:
12/14/09 05:44PM

Classic nosehairs...send us a pic of the bohemoth to complete the story

jsab says:
12/14/09 05:58PM
jp548 says:
12/14/09 07:33PM
I hope when you get married, your wife is banging The Pool Boy, Plumber, Mexican Lawn care guy, Supermarket Delivery Boy ect.....
jp548 says:
12/14/09 07:33PM
ETexas007 says:
12/14/09 08:29PM
You better not toch my mommy again fool.
Iw1nBets says:
12/14/09 10:00PM
you sick asshole
andarmac99 says:
12/14/09 10:13PM
Tiger, you've really gotta smarten up dude.
jackdfan says:
12/14/09 10:24PM
I sleep with a married woman every night..........................

...............and I do mean SLEEP
panteraa says:
12/14/09 10:25PM
maybe she should play a round with tiger.
tito40 says:
12/14/09 11:34PM
you work the night shift, yet take a lunch break with her?

and i don't know why, but i have a feeling you can't last 15 minutes with your own hand, let alone another woman, just a guess though...
mightiestmojo says:
12/15/09 12:04AM
Don't sh*t where you eat man!!! The married thing? Who gives a sh*t. She's the one breaking her vows if you were married then yeah you're a dick but this? You're clean. Congrats but yeah, your work situation is messed up. You'll probably do it a few more times but it's going to be weird. 
tim1604 says:
12/15/09 01:12AM
jsab says:
12/15/09 05:52AM
Hit it all you can my man and enjoy.
mr_bollox says:
12/15/09 08:26AM
i dont know whats funnier here, the ridiculous original poster's story or the responses, classic covers!
NoseHair says:
12/15/09 09:44AM
my god, she's already making more plans.

She told me last night that her husband is away for a weekend in late January with work.   She said she'll send her kids to her parents place overnight on Saturday, so we can spend the day / night together at her place.  

I don't know if I should be happy or frightened by this.
don-juan says:
12/15/09 10:01AM
You better start looking over your shoulder.. This guy could shoot and kill you and not go to jail for more than a year.  Especially, if his lawyer reads your post.

Get away from her fast. There are so many other younger women out there looking to hook up with someone. C,Mon Man, Smarten up.
eyedog says:
12/15/09 11:21AM
I'm sure if you got your hat on you will have no problem finding something single.
TorontoJoey says:
12/15/09 01:50PM
TorontoJoey says:
12/15/09 01:52PM
TyDarius says:
12/15/09 01:52PM
Smartest post by far. No need for people to bash, if one has a problem with what he has done. Why not just merely give him advice rather than bash him. I'm sure advice will stick with him a lot longer than rude comments. The reality is that this is the society that we live in, and had it not been him it would of been someone else. I could care less about sleeping with a married woman. What the hell are vows these days anyway. But my main concern and why I would never get involved with a married woman  is because I value my life. There are too many men out there that will put a bullet in both the wife and the lover. Too many single women for me. My guess is if she's being honest, then you may have nothing to worry about, because it could be a classic case of the hunbby not giving a shyt about what she does. But dude, don't make fooling with married women a habit or I'lll be reading about you one day.
jmw59 says:
12/15/09 02:28PM
Don't go to her place man.  That won't work
Lippsman says:
12/15/09 04:00PM

There is something very important here that everyone seems to be missing.

He lasted a whopping 15 minutes


toft33 says:
12/16/09 01:18AM

Dude -  if you are going to see her outside of work again, just stay the hell away from her place. DON'T GO NEAR HER KIDS, please. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for and they will be able to tell something isn't right. You will not like yourself very much if you are at all responsible for their emotional pain.

I know how this type of stuff gets exciting. I really do and I think it's important for young guys to get laid alot while they are still young and independent and exposed to as few consequences as possible. But don't put yourself at risk.

Kelly_Slater says:
12/17/09 12:29AM


I almost fell off the fucking couch laughing!! My dog thinks something is wrong, That just made my shitty day alot better.


Fucking classic...



"tappy tap it in"


Flutiemaniac341 says:
12/17/09 04:25AM

Listen to that shit. Ppl ae nuts.

I had the same shit happen to me. Slept with some chick and her ex boyfriend that just moved out and happened to have a key to her place came in over night to get his sound system while we were asleep together. believe me i was scared, actually tried to be a tough guy with him which looking back wasnt very smart. i still cant believe he didnt try anything. after talking to some friends about this shit, i feel lucky. dont get involved with this crap. life is too short already, u dont want it any shorter, look elsewhere. plenty of fish in the sea, dont look for trouble like this.

Flutiemaniac341 says:
12/17/09 04:27AM
P.S. u look like a fuckin douchebag, lose the hat to the side, wigger look. be normal!
cpfs146 says:
12/17/09 02:20PM
Getting involved with a married woman is the worst thing you can do. Better get your self some protection.
djspurlz says:
12/17/09 05:31PM

you should have never have gone to your apt with her - now she knows where you lives and when the shit hits the fan with her husband - guess who will be knocking at your door around 10 pm with a couple of rugrats

Besides that you shouldnt have hooked up with a married woman - nothing but trouble can come of it,

She's prob already starting to plan a future in her head with you..

tuxman says:
12/17/09 07:33PM
Lipps, He held on for as long as he could for that 15 minutes.
starwink says:
12/17/09 09:55PM
Does your fine looking mother know what you are doing? 

Be careful you don't get your hat knocked off your head in the near future. 
Kid_Rio says:
12/18/09 03:22AM

This adulterous woman is a trainwreck.  Why ruin your life because she is on the road to destruction.  Adultery is a serious matter, Top 10 Commandments not to mess around with.

Repent & believe the Gospel.

wizardofroz says:
12/18/09 03:41AM

  I don't give a damn if a woman has a boyfriend.  She is fair game.  But sleeping with a woman that you KNOW is married makes you a pathetic piece of human excrement.  Hopefully, she breaks down in front of her husband and he decides to castrate you for it. 

Efini says:
12/18/09 11:33AM
Naughty America Presents "My wife is dating a bank clerk"
Efini says:
12/18/09 11:42AM
Nosehair - next time you see her, give her a GOOD deposit, and try not to withdraw after 15 mins.
bj22 says:
12/18/09 03:03PM
hope u didnt knock her up!
cacabware says:
12/18/09 05:29PM



Ap1Bfreetorun says:
12/18/09 05:42PM
Excuse him, he thought this was the religious fanatic condemnation Forum.  No one asked your religious opinion, Kid Rio and other nuts.  We are all adults here (except for the teenage gamblers).  No lectures needed.  Some of us suffered with years of lectures from our parents and are not interested in any more.  Have a nice day, otherwise.
Jaysvdubwhat says:
12/18/09 05:46PM

I couldn't help it. I even had a chuckle myself. i had too
Kid_Rio says:
12/19/09 01:23AM

Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery

ragingstorm says:
12/19/09 08:30PM
Ive done that countless times. I could care less. If she is a slut then so be it.
smalltimer says:
12/19/09 10:41PM

nh love the stories...


but was it your mom or your aunt??

rod_steel says:
12/20/09 02:03AM

Kid_Rio says:
12/20/09 03:50AM
Yes, America is a whoremonger nation. 
ZiggyDawg says:
12/20/09 09:24AM
I don't really believe the full story but I do know this. I want to be part of an archived thread.
MuckMurda says:
12/20/09 05:30PM
Don't hate the player hate the game!
jackdfan says:
12/20/09 07:26PM

At five full years, you'd be avg. 32 posts a day.

Do you have any fingerprints left?
NoseHair says:
12/20/09 09:12PM
So i'm getting deeper into this situation, and now i'm not so sure I want to be a part of it.  The husband is really going to want to have a throw down with me now if he finds out.

We head out for a smoke break Friday night, it's fucking cold out so we go in my car for a few puffs...We end up making out for 10 minutes.  I get a hand job. So I guess you could say she got the snake on her break.

She tells me she can't wait for us to spend the weekend together next month.

I'm just in this for a little fun, while she seems to be falling in love with me for fuck sakes.  I'd run away now, but i'm kinda looking forward to our weekend, LOL.  She said she's got some fun plans in store for that night.
doliver517 says:
12/20/09 11:41PM

This is obviously the first person you ever slept with

you actually created a thread for this. It's funny, I'll give you that. But for cryin out loud, to brag? to post?

just be a man and and SIT YOUR FATHER DOWN. tell him you've been sleeping with mom. Maybe they can work it out. But he has to understand with a loser son like you, you wont be able to distance yourself from her nipples....therefore it will be very hard for him to ever trust her again!!!!!!

Congrats on breakin up your own family!!!!!!!!! TOOL

doliver517 says:
12/20/09 11:43PM

nice hat too.

you do understand when your out in public more people laugh at you than think you look good!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to know that right??????????

Kid_Rio says:
12/21/09 12:29AM

Next stop, the Jerry Springer Show.  There you can meet the husband, and confess your Adultery.

glen30 says:
12/21/09 08:14AM
Banging a married wife and bragging and posting about it, your fucked up in the head, or maybe this is your first piece of ass and now your falling in love with I think you have to grow up, so go back to chocking your chicken while looking at the pictures on your wall in your bedroom. Or maybe you should drop the bomb, go to here place and tell her husband that your fucking his wife and you fell in love with
doliver517 says:
12/21/09 03:43PM

And by the looks of your avatar, you've slept with countless Dolphins too.

We have found the 2nd tool gentlemen

BlackNSilver says:
12/22/09 02:32AM

People keep calling this guy a dick, is that because they are jealous? I think people may be hating on the fact that there not getting any strange and this guy is. Go boy do your thing, if she is giving it up then do what you do.

Kid_Rio says:
12/22/09 07:15AM
Adultery, fornicators, this is bad. 
CharlieV says:
12/22/09 12:33PM

Agree with BlackNSilver - play on playa.

Not a single person in this thread would do anything differently if they were in nosehair's situation.  More people should share their stories.  This shit is great.

da__man says:
12/22/09 05:21PM
you have run on a tabloid new paper career mah friend!
nautic says:
12/22/09 05:54PM
if you do go on with this, i dont think going to her house is a good idea, a lot of things could go wrong, like her husband showing up unexpectedly...
doliver517 says:
12/22/09 06:21PM

everytime I need a laugh I just come into this thread...

Mildly Husky....Just classic

blublud says:
12/22/09 06:53PM
how old are her daughters  the old mother and daughter act is always a classic
jsab says:
12/22/09 08:23PM
Sounds like alot of jealous dudes here
shrewdie says:
12/22/09 08:36PM
So i'm getting deeper into this situation, and now i'm not so sure I

want to be a part of it.  The husband is really going to want to have a

throw down with me now if he finds out.

You just figured he might maybe not be thrilled with the situation?

cacabware says:
12/22/09 10:49PM





Flutiemaniac341 says:
12/23/09 01:29AM

These ppl that dont think of the consequences r the same douchebags that give u the finger in traffic.

Whatever happened to morals and the values of individuals. Jealous!? Believe me Ive done it and ive regretted it. If this guy finds out about u, he has every reason to fuck u up. Answer me this.

Can you blame him?

sidewinder333 says:
12/23/09 02:38AM
wait til someone n ur office has been totally screwed by this married woman that u slept that knows her husband and that u post on dude u r afucking idiot word travels fast lookout when she shuts up quits talking 2 u her husbund is rite around the corner he is going 2 seriously fuck u up
myLORD says:
12/23/09 01:02PM
it's either cool with her husband and don't give a F about it or (worst case) he'll kill you and your family when he finds out.

just think of it happening to you...karma dude
Grego says:
12/23/09 01:17PM

worse... he might take the kids and leave her with you

lukewantsbigbuc says:
12/23/09 01:31PM
When I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. Its funny hearing an inbreds input on this though.
K4ngur13 says:
12/23/09 01:46PM
i like 'em wild
K4ngur13 says:
12/23/09 01:47PM

can you get a 3-4 some?
pezeveng says:
12/23/09 02:03PM

Since she's older and bolder make sure she fingers your asshole just before you cum.


Crusher13 says:
12/24/09 03:28AM
 Fricking Hilarious.

   Jerry Springer classic.

On serious side, obviously you've never seen
    "Fatal Attraction" Glenn Close goes psycho!!

  Watch it. You're next. TROUBLE!!!!! Dump her now.
Tell her , now, something came up. Going somewhere with the boys this weekend. SERIOUSLY!!! She knows where u live.......
doliver517 says:
12/24/09 04:16AM




Skipbone says:
12/24/09 07:54AM
mildly husky
timmytguns says:
12/24/09 08:30AM
Did u hit in the buttthole? Thats what gets you in!!!
tim1604 says:
12/24/09 11:20AM



nine months later

make sure you post pics

JEG53 says:
12/24/09 02:09PM

No one believes that part,but whats he going to say,

I hope you dont or didnt go to her house,big mistake there.

WendysRox says:
12/24/09 02:29PM
I love how you can tell who's been cheated on by their posts....  All the single dudes in this thread who bang married women are saying "be careful and don't get caught"  and all the losers who are barely hanging on to their girl are saying "you suck for sleeping with a married woman.  Leave her alone!" 
chickenheadant says:
12/24/09 02:30PM
You'd better make sure with her that it's a mutual "fling" or something serious is bound to happen like in them hollywood movies.
WendysRox says:
12/24/09 02:35PM

Is that any good?  The one time I asked a chick to do it, she said, "you wouldn't like it."  My asshole is pretty stinky and hairy, so I don't blame a chick for not wanting to put her finger there.  Plus, what if she does it and I like it?  Does that make me gay?  I don't have a problem with gays, but I don't want to be one.  Ugh, think of only getting aroused at man-ass for the rest of your life? 
WendysRox says:
12/24/09 02:36PM
<not that there's anything wrong with that>
Ed-Collins says:
12/24/09 03:29PM

I agree.  And I'll share mine. 

I'm sleeping (screwing) a married woman now... and have been for the past five months.  It's great.

Earlier this summer a couple moved into the condos where I lived.  She's 41 and he's about ten years younger.  I was attracted to the woman from the first time I saw her.  (She's Asian and there's something I've always liked about most Asians.)

She must have been attracted to me too because within a week she was coming over regularly, bringing me dinner, (I'm single) visiting with me, chatting with me... and then eventually telling me all about her unhappy relationship with her husband.

Too make a long story short, they are both unhappy... it's not working out for them (they've been married less than a year) but apparently in their culture, getting a divorce is something you just don't do.  He wants kids, she can't have any, his mother doesn't approve of her... the list goes on and on.  And divorce isn't an option even if they did decide to split up, as they would both have nowhere to live - they aren't ready to sell the condo they just bought and divide the money. 

They have little in common, (she's home all day - he works) and when he comes home at night she says all he wants to do is sit around and watch television.  (Why they ever got married in the first place, is beyond me.)

So once I heard all that I knew the door was wide open for me... all I had to do was walk through it... and I did.

We've been screwing an average of two to three times a week since mid-August.  Best sex I ever had.  I'm not kidding.  I think she thinks so too.  I'm not sure why... maybe it's because she's married and we're "not supposed to be screwing around" or that there is a danger that we might get caught.  But whatever the reason is, it's great.  The woman is a wildcat. 

At first I thought her moans of ecstasy was an big act, but I know now they're not.

Her husband leaves for work at 6:30 am each day, and since I don't have to leave for work until 8:30 am, most of our fucking (can I use profanity in this forum?) is usually done in the morning.  Now and then I work from home and take the entire day off and when I do, that gives gives us all day long for sex.  Also, every once in awhile I leave work early, which gives us 60-90 minutes in the late afternoon before he comes home.

I really should look into getting some Viagra.  Most of the time, after a few hours, I'm exhausted... but she doesn't want to stop.

Only a few times have we had sex at her place... it's safer here in my condo.  (Just in case her husband does come home early.)  But the few times we have had sex there I've think I've enjoyed it even more, if that's possible.

She thinks he's seeing someone on the side (someone younger than her) and if so, then all of us are happy.  He's getting some, she's getting some, I'm getting some, and whoever he is screwing around with is getting some.

Sometime next month he's scheduled to leave on a business trip to China (or Japan... I can't remember which) for TWO whole weeks.  Holy Toledo.  I'm going to need to buy some condoms in bulk before that happens.

Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery?  Fuck that shit.  If fooling around was so wrong, God wouldn't make it feel so damn good.  1,000 years from now, what the fuck difference is it going to make anyway?
pauliswilling says:
12/24/09 05:05PM
you said after 15 minutes you couldnt last any have a hard time keeping track of her husband and was coming home from my poker game and i saw you come in and out of my apartment in about 15 seconds...thanks for pleasing her for me......that would be an extra 15 seconds id lose out of my poker game!! you know nowadays noones faithfull,so after my game i go to the local strip club.
williamwallace says:
12/24/09 08:18PM

hahahahahahahahah, it's true.... it's funny cause its true
acutance says:
12/24/09 08:50PM
Couple of basic rules being broken here:

1) Don't monkey with another monkey's monkey.
2) Don't go to bed with someone you don't want to wake up with.
(when she suggests she leave her husband and move in with you, bringing the kids, are you ready for that?)
3) There is such a thing as a one-night stand, but when it keeps going, you're in a relationship.
4) Whoever said "don't shit where you eat" was right. How do you stop seeing this person when you want to?
5) I hope you're practicing "safe sex," you might just wind up a daddy.

But thanks for sharing...a very entertaining thread!
DiamondNick says:
12/25/09 12:12PM

Did you here the one  about little Joey?  Joey's dad is in the bedroom giveing it hot and heavy too the wife. He hears a stir at the bedroom door, when he looks up he see's  Joey standing in the doorway. Before  he can say anything Joey runs down the hallway.

Dad gets out of bed a goes to talk with Joey and finds him in grandma's bed giving it hot and heavy to grandma, Joey say's "NOT SO FUNNY WHEN IT's YOUR MOM IS IT " 

Kid_Rio says:
12/25/09 12:13PM

Been to the clinic yet? 

Genital Warts? 

Bucci020 says:
12/25/09 03:39PM
im a cougar fan myself. . . congratulations on ur first. . . it never gets weird at work with the cougars. . they mite b a little more flirty, or try to get ya alone in the janitors closet, or in ya cubicle (is that how u spell cubicle** lol). . . but enjoy it while it last brotha
Tank310 says:
12/25/09 04:46PM

What he left out was it was his sister

myLORD says:
12/26/09 12:00AM

hahaha! LMAO! seriously really funny
jimmbo says:
12/26/09 12:23AM
it was ozzie osborne in drag,  sharon thanks you
Jarrett75 says:
12/26/09 01:10AM

wtf are you posting in this thread for? And Time4TP? Does that mean time for toilet paper for your shitty picks or after your picks lose my stomach will be upset and it will be time for tp?

bighow76 says:
12/26/09 10:58AM
and u probably hit it raw you douchebag
CrappieMaster says:
12/26/09 03:42PM

legen           wait for it               dary


Way to go barney

rickydee says:
12/26/09 06:12PM
I once banged a married woman and her 19 year old daughter!
bigcash says:
12/27/09 11:02AM
Dude, been there, done that! Had several affairs with co-workers, and like everyone says, it really does not work out in long run. But I guess you will have to find out for yourself. As a playa myself, you do not want to go to her house. Hope you are using protection also. If she is doing it wit u she is probably doing it wit someone else also. Chicks at work dont work out. They eventually get crazy when u start to lose interest or want to go out wit ur boys 4 the night. In return they EVENTUALLY get even at work and try to get u fired. Mark my words on this. Who u think they r going to believe u or woman? A couple of poundings and she is in love--ur not! You wont b able to get rid of her. She'll eventually start showing up at ur house unannounced. Start limiting sex flings to u eventually cut her off. Good luck dude, Hope u dont get fired over this.  BITCHES!!!!
staubackdiamond says:
12/27/09 12:07PM
Hey good story I want to see the video.
jp548 says:
12/27/09 07:02PM
I slept with your Mom but it was a Gang Bang and I was really drunk so don't hold it against me.
big07ben says:
12/27/09 09:16PM


oh snap thats fucking bad ass548



UglyKidJoe says:
12/27/09 10:27PM
My wife works at a bank and I also love to play poker with the guys.
What bank do you say you work at?  If you are who I think you are,
you better watch your back cause I'm coming to your work looking for you.
Kid Joe
Allbutbroke says:
12/28/09 09:44PM

I hope her hubby catches you with his wife and beats the f*ck out of you.  Have a nice day.

nguyenhd says:
12/28/09 10:01PM

LOL... This is some funny shit.

Loves Houston, the Cougars scores fast and hurry.

Wish I could find one....

Stay safe...  don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

bigcash says:
12/29/09 01:40AM
nosehaie, haven't heard from u or any of ur stories. Wass supp?
Flutiemaniac341 says:
12/29/09 02:17AM

when i was younger i had a thing with a girl at work. everyone hated her guts. she was a real bitch. never really took her seriously, thought i could play a game with her and it wouldnt carry over. she took it personal and tried to fuck with me(figuratively speaking) everytime she got.

Work flings never work out. You dont dip your pen in company ink..

dopalicous says:
12/29/09 11:51AM
Frank the tank, where are you at?

Bump, Bump, Bump

I Love covers whenever i need a good laugh this thread is always here for me.

Thx- nosehair
jsab says:
12/29/09 12:04PM
I think the guy is pretty funny myself but he is also serious in his stories so that makes it worthwhile banter.
dopalicous says:
12/29/09 04:35PM
mildly husky...ooohhhhh my this thread is the best. Than just when you think its over

J_Money420 says:
12/31/09 01:24PM
yo nose hair any updates, please let us know what goes down on ur little "winter weekend" in january lol.  and michaelpaul u should jus leave this thread with your annoying posts and that creepy pic of u in your avy.
NoseHair says:
12/31/09 02:59PM
The date has been set.

Husband leaves town Friday night, January 15th for the weekend.

Grandma / Grandpa pick the kids up Saturday morning.

I wait for the call in the AM before I head over. 

Kids aren't due back until Sunday afternoon, so I'll have 24 hours of sex with this cougar before I have to get out of the cage.   The husband arrives back home Sunday night.

Hopefully the neighbors won't be spying, LOL.  Although, arent they going to wonder when they see my car in front of the house?   Guess I should park a block or two away from the house and walk.   Works better anyway incase I need to make a quick and unexpected getaway!

UrdaddyinAZ says:
12/31/09 04:47PM

Dude I support the fuckin and all, but do not sleep with her in his house. That's ground for straight up murder.......bang a man's chic is one thing - disrespecting his home or children is a whole other ballgame. Bang her at your crib or get a hotel room. Just my opinion.

tim1604 says:
12/31/09 05:08PM

she is setting you up, her husband found out and now he told her to have you over so he can beat the living shit out of you, tell her your place or its over, i agree with urDaddyinAZ dont mess with a mans home, i dont approve of any of this, but i just dont want to see anybody die over some old pus....go find somewhere your age without the baggage and who isnt married with kids...
Flutiemaniac341 says:
12/31/09 05:52PM

he's obviously joking..i hope so..

Sandman_130 says:
12/31/09 06:04PM

I hope that's not your face in your avatar.

You will get rolled like a little vanilla ice bitch.
pauliswilling says:
12/31/09 07:09PM
thanks for tellin me in advance,no poker this weekend...i cant wait to catch ya
xxMARTINIxx says:
01/01/10 12:30AM
Apartment over her trailer? How big was the pig?
xxMARTINIxx says:
01/01/10 12:37AM
Dude- seriously, she has to be nasty, as you should be having 3 somes with strippers or bitches your age, young dum and full of cum, karma will get ya- one day you be married, and your wife will be getting pounded--- best of luck
Ace77 says:
01/01/10 06:52AM
jsab says:
01/01/10 08:11AM
Good luck NH. Hit it hard !
dopalicous says:
01/01/10 11:08AM
zing nice one cmonstole.


Molsen says:
01/01/10 03:19PM

best advice in this thread. 
toft33 says:
01/01/10 03:43PM

solid recommendation. hope he takes the advice.

pddy says:
01/01/10 08:13PM
I hope i fuck your wife when you finally get married so you can see how it feels.  You broke the 'man code', nosehair.
pddy says:
01/01/10 08:15PM
why can't you find single woman, you fucking prick!!
pddy says:
01/01/10 08:16PM
No class.  you white piece of shit.
williamwallace says:
01/01/10 08:21PM
i dont blame you pddy, small asian penises are always worried about people stealing their women
misfit_aka says:
01/02/10 01:29AM
hey young buck...if u gonna go that route at least make sure u get WHAT U WANT out of it (a new cpu, anal,etc) and  do it past 2 times , if there is a 2nd time invite some friends and make it a party....and why would u take her back to ur place??? get a motel a cheap motel.....
Crusher13 says:
01/02/10 01:42AM
Dude NH, you are classic sociapathic but fricken hilarious full blown lyin piece of doggie doo doo but I must admit you are  a great entertaining thread creator just for the reactions of all of us that need a few laughs, just like your avatar picture.
 Happy New Year and make sure you're busy that weekend, going to the "can't miss NFL playoff game." Remember "Bros before Ho's"
Low_Roller says:
01/02/10 03:21AM
Ace77 says:
01/02/10 03:49AM
Kid_Rio says:
01/02/10 08:07AM
If what you are doing is "right", then when must you go around worrying?
NoseHair says:
01/02/10 09:13AM

I'd prefer not to go to her house, but I'm not wasting any hard earned cash on a hotel room for a night. We can't stay at my crib, as I have a roomate right now.  We'll get more time together stayinig at her place anyway.    It's a little more risky, but I dont get paid enough money to be spending it on hotel rooms in my own neighborhood.    I'm gonna have some fun for a day then we'll be done with.

williamwallace says:
01/02/10 10:37AM
roomate   you call your parents roomates?
jsab says:
01/02/10 02:04PM
I wouldn't waste the money on a room either.Just hit it again and run this time.
bigcash says:
01/02/10 07:35PM
Dude, if u go to her house, you'll be running between the bushes to get to her house after you already park 2 blks. away. Forget that! Sounds like you're becomming a sucker. Falling into her trap!! Why dont u take control of the situation. U cant go to ur crib, so y dont u tell her to buck up for a hotel this time? Tell her u feel more comfortable there this time. Maybe her house next time--MAYBE(right!). A real playa would never go to her house. Also, y dont u video tape her 4 insurance ?
bigcash says:
01/02/10 07:40PM

You too cheap to spend ur hard earned cash on motel, then you probably gonna get it one way or another. You being cheap=getting your ass whipped. Getting ur ass whipped + getting fired. What a combo. Should of got the boyz over for tha big film shoot.

MoneyMike247 says:
01/02/10 08:20PM
Enjoy it while it lasts dude, hopefully you wont get murdered. Shes the one thats married, not you, so go for it.I dont know whats worse though, doin it in her house or in a motel/hotel. She might have cheated before so it might not end badly with the whole work situation. If she has any brains she knows its not permanent.
MoneyMike247 says:
01/02/10 08:23PM
And any real man takes care of his wife or girlfriend so its his problem to that his wife cheats.
grouch says:
01/02/10 08:56PM
Hey I just had sex with her a day or so ago she acted the same  said she was getting no fullfilment from a babydick boy friend of hers at work
Mohr4ya says:
01/02/10 11:52PM
Wow...just read every post in this thread..

1) I have a feeling this could just be an attempt at some attention by nh

2) If not, I agree with others, HER house too risky.

3) best post on this thread  MILDLY HUSKY 

Now I need Texas Tech to put a few more points on the board. 
Godsplay says:
01/03/10 12:07AM
jfio626 says:
01/03/10 12:26AM

Finally some sense around here.
Kid_Rio says:
01/03/10 01:36AM
potential for 48 Hours Mystery?
bigcash says:
01/03/10 03:01AM
If it is an attempt to get attention, he must really be some lonely, needledick, wigger. Sorry son, if this is a bad attempt, y dont u try throwing some old spice on and head down to the bowling alley to try to pick up some chicks.
dopalicous says:
01/03/10 11:09AM
Morhr4ya agreed mildly husky keeps it movin . this thread is the best.

NH give us a uppdate

here finish my sentence the date is set...

misfit_aka says:
01/03/10 12:52PM
ur going to her house???? SUCKA ASS FOOL, take my advice from earlier or dont do it at all. i will repost here:

hey young buck...if u gonna go that route at least make sure u get WHAT

U WANT out of it (a new cpu, anal, etc) and do it past 2 times , if

there is a 2nd time invite some friends and make it a party....and why

would u take her back to ur place??? get a motel, a cheap motel.....

if u cant get it that way dont do..have some dick control playa or u gonna get that dick controlled!!

KktdocT says:
01/03/10 11:16PM
i don't know what's worse, fucking a married woman or in love with a married woman.
J_Money420 says:
01/12/10 01:27AM
damn mike, i see you changed ur creepy ass avy, good stuff.  jw why ur so angry over this topic, sounds like ur old lady was sleepy around behind ur back, what happened, couldnt please her??
J_Money420 says:
01/12/10 01:28AM
NoseHair says:
01/14/10 10:01PM

Two more sleeps until Saturday!!!!

What would be the appropriate cologne I should have on for this occasion?  LOL

jfio626 says:
01/14/10 10:20PM


jsab says:
01/14/10 10:33PM
Get her some Jean-Nate
dennishopson says:
01/14/10 11:36PM

No bank on the planet, even third world countries would ever let this goofy butt fuck nosehair to help settle their funds.....
Crusher13 says:
01/14/10 11:46PM

Appropiate Cologne?

Whatever smells good with DEADFISH... 

Let everybody know about your EXCITING big weekend!!!!! We all can't wait to find out what happens. GL
J_Money420 says:
01/15/10 12:26AM
hey nosehair try dolce and gabbana "the one" my girl got it for me for xmas and it smells mad good
misfit_aka says:
01/15/10 10:16AM

DAMN DUDE...what r u trying to do marry this bitch?? make babies? be done with it!! get some a little experience with her and get some shit from her (nice wrist watch, shoes, and  shirt etc) but god damn..get rid of the ho...she has YOU right where she wants YOU..pussy whipped....

By the way group...whats a wigger?
WendysRox says:
01/15/10 10:44AM

By Faberge
Twinz2307 says:
01/15/10 12:09PM
GL NH, unfortunate for you the fun stops after this weekend cuz now she has you right where she wants you......Power of the PUZZY.....she is gonna make you her BITCH . Dont fall in love as you can see you cant turn a hoe into a housewife !!!!!!


Get er done...........

jsab says:
01/15/10 12:14PM
To answer what a wigger is would probably be a box/ban on this poliyically correct site. Itr's really common sense,ask any kid that is a teen and see what they tell you.
I-Got-5-On-It says:
01/15/10 12:48PM

Who wants to see a pic ???

Nosehair actually uploaded one to prove he ain't bullshittin

Check it out

I-Got-5-On-It says:
01/15/10 12:50PM

Not exactly a cougar, more of a bitch actually !

DENMM says:
01/15/10 01:21PM
shrimp1958 says:
01/15/10 01:23PM
Who let the Dogs Out ??? Oooooooo Oooooooooo Oooooooo...
shrimp1958 says:
01/15/10 01:29PM
NH.....Phuckin in her house...U R playin Russian Roulette with yourself....
LaDaddy says:
01/15/10 02:31PM
.......ok you the kid peoples here at work talking about...we both in mass...yeah I heard the busted the nut in 30 she mad at you and her turn loser...........j/k.............all good
bigcash says:
01/15/10 02:34PM
cologne of choice should b SWEAT! No woman(or pig) can resist it.
orangemen09 says:
01/15/10 05:50PM

 enjoy dude!!! take it when u can get it.

MidniteWriter says:
01/15/10 09:21PM
I usually don't do married women, but they are the hottest in bed if they are cougars and sex starved. If you have a younger girlfriend, see if you can get her and cougar slut to go down on each other. A little work and it will be happening for ya bro!
MidniteWriter says:
01/15/10 09:24PM

Right on Big Cash. NO Cologne.. bitches get hooked on our of choice should b SWEAT! No woman can resist it.

theanimal13 says:
01/19/10 07:14PM
So......what happened rob van winkle?
DoctoroThames says:
01/19/10 08:37PM
+ for married = can bust in her 

jfio626 says:
01/19/10 09:44PM

That may be the most eloquent thing I've ever read on this site.

Molsen says:
01/19/10 10:20PM
the husband came home and shot him. 
PropBettor says:
01/20/10 02:56AM

theanimal13 says:
01/24/10 10:52PM
Guess he's dead.
Molsen says:
01/25/10 07:27PM
KermitKrunch says:
01/25/10 07:30PM

K Krunch is makiing his return after some time in the gring, thats the green bing.  K Krunch is all about lean green women.  I like em like my string beans. 

Kermit Krunch

bettor2win says:
01/25/10 08:33PM
The woman is horseshit.There's a reason he's always playing poker with the boys. You my man, are a grade "A" sucker. Welcome to the movies.
jp548 says:
01/25/10 10:12PM

Wigger?  A Wigger is a White Guys who talks and acts like a Black dude.  You can figure it out from Avatar the hat backwards, looking like he's Vanilla Ice.   If you look at his Avatar it's not hard to figure out what a Low Life piece of shit this douche is.


Anyway,  I hope this helps

NoseHair says:
01/26/10 10:43AM
Weekend was a blast.

We screwed a few times on Saturday, followed by a Sunday morning molestation before I took off.

Few things worth mentioning...

- The family dog (roscoe) wouldn't leave me alone.  Sniffing me and barking at me for 48 hours.  I wanted to shoot it.  Hopefully he wont tell the master!  lol

- Family photos all over the house spooked me out a bit.  Including wedding photos bedside while I was banging her.

- she told me she was considering leaving her husband within the next month or two.  I told her I was just in this for a good time...and this would be it for me.

She's been telling me at work this week that she wants to see me again.  I told her it was a good time, but it's got to stop. She seems fine with it - but keeps asking me every night.  Anyways, good times.
jmw59 says:
01/26/10 12:20PM
she could be hooked by now dude
TennisCapper says:
01/26/10 12:30PM

starwink says:
01/26/10 01:10PM

  I need more in fo
01/26/10 01:15PM


That morning she fixed Fish and Grits. 

01/26/10 01:18PM
Hey nose hair how did that thing taste. 
Thesicilian0ne says:
01/26/10 03:29PM
I hope her husband isnt on Covers hahah
pezeveng says:
01/26/10 03:35PM

Something tells me starwink has a dog named Roscoe.

Too bad he`s in Swedan and POS is in Mass.

Sugarhouse says:
01/26/10 04:31PM
Kid_Rio says:
01/26/10 04:35PM

You get caught, you might end up in the headlines as another crazed husband goes postal. 

ratherBgambling says:
01/26/10 09:01PM
jmitseff says:
08/07/11 01:24AM
dopalicous says:
08/07/11 11:05AM
NH starts the best threads.....
Meatwadd says:
08/14/11 10:39PM


It's gonna get weird at work.... Sorry..... Been there and done that.... Advice to you..... Stop while it's good.  You won't listen to this but don't say you were not warned...

alling says:
08/15/11 07:54PM
bad move screwing a colleague. you need to seriously start looking for a new job.
I_Need_A_Detox says:
03/29/12 10:39PM

Jeana says:
04/19/13 08:07PM
I'm 25 and found out like a week ago that I'm 4weeks pregnant, with my boyfriend's baby and then he wanted to breakup when i told, I had to way to make him stay then a friend led me to a spell lady online, her email is, she then had a spell done for me that bring him back to my lover and everything back to normal. She is too powerful as her spell worked perfectly for. I would bless you for not let me go through this alone.
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