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Posted Monday, March 12, 2012 08:33 AM

Belmont vs Georgetown: Interesting stats

G-Town has alot of trouble against teams that can really shoot and score a ton of points. Since the beginning of the new year, G-Town is 1-4 against teams that average at least 70 pts per game.

 And guess what, Belmont is 4th in the nation in scoring, averaging a whopping 81 pts per game. They have guys who can really open it up and shoot (guys who can shoot 50% from downtown) .. And it's not just shooting and gunning that makes Belmont so dangerous offensively, they can also pass really well confusing defenses - they are 5th in the nation for assists per game.
Moreover, G-Town may play this game with enormous pressure on their shoulders. Read the following article and see how not being able to get out of the 1st round in recent years is clearly  in their heads, from the coach on down:

This is also a revenge game for Belmont. G-Town knocked them out of the NCAA tournament in 2007 and I'm certain the school is looking for a little payback.


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