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Posted Monday, July 23, 2012 11:57 AM

Carmelo Anthony will never get a Championship ring.

My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite team are the NYKnicks.

The day that NYKnicks traded away Gallo, WChandler, Moscov, and Felton for Carmelo Anthony the first thing that I said was:  "NYKnicks will never win a championship with Carmelo Anthony."  Carmelo Anthony is exactly the same player as Allen Iverson.  He's a type of player that requires the coach and every player to be adjusting to him.  The isolation offense requires that Carmelo to be over 65% in FG percentage and the paint to be completely empty.  Carmelo can kill anyone playing 1on1 basketball because he's big, tricky and skillful.  However, NBA is a team game.  Carmelo would waste most of his energy playing 82 season games but when playoff comes, he's not going to have the energy or strength to make the quantum leap.  Carmelo's game does not allow a 2nd scorer to be consistent night in and night out.  The 2nd scorer gets less touches, plays out of position, and will be stagnant most of the time.

I hated NYKnicks the day they traded for Melo.  I hated the team more when D'Antoni was to blame for the Knicks woe.  Grunwald and Dolan should be slapped around.  If Knicks were going to pick and roll and fast break offense, stick with players to surface around Amare, Gallo, and Felton. 


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