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Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 12:45 PM


YTD: 37 - 40 - 2             - 1.15  (-$115)


BUF / NE  over 52    **** 4 u

ATL / NO over 54  ***3 u

BMORE - 8  *** 3 u

DET - 3  ** 2.5 u

TB - 3   ** 2.5 u

DEN - 4   ** 2 u


    ....@ work so no time for write-ups...not like my NFL picks deserve it...damn NFL....killin it in NCAA and then give it back on sunday !   NOT TODAY !!! 

Posted Sunday, June 05, 2011 11:15 PM

if you just watched the same game i did.... love to jump right down the throats of the many teenage shit talking Mavs backers and Heat haters...but this is a gambling forum , not the common area

Helluva game...not only because my team and wagers won, but because it was a good game that kept u nervous till the end...but fuck did it worry me...i had to change channels with 4.4 sec left due to superstition...and switched back in time to see the replay of Dirk Nastys missed shot ...speaking of mr.nasty, once again, Dirk showed he is badass and will hit shots no matter what (except that last one thankfully) id rather have 2 other Mavs players wide the fuck open and have Dirk doubled at all times..write that down coach Spos...

Speaking of players who should always be double about my boy DWADE playing like he is the best finals champ on the floor and only finals MVP on the floor (O wait, that's exactly what he is) and one or two more games like he's been having and hell have 2 more of those same trophies...

And on that note...Bron is not playing well at the end of the last cpl games and needs to realize that, pass off to D or anyone else but bosh for that matter and stop taking the prayer jumpers...dont get me wrong, lebron is my homeboy too and one of the best on planet ,but part of being one of the best includes knowing when not to take the shot....youll get ur chances LBJ, trust me...and Bosh, yes, nailed a key -Winning shot.  But if he wasn't playing like a scared bitch ... [More]


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