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Posted Friday, January 13, 2012 03:09 PM

The Saints vs 49er's reminds me of Houston Coogs vs Penn St.

You know how the line came out Coogs -5.5 and everybody jumped on the defensive juggernaut known as the Penn St. Lions. How could the Coogs even compete with the Nittnay Lions and their awesome defense. Penn St. after all is big time and their D is one of the nations best. The Coogs offense will surely get shut down and their swiss cheese defense wont be enough.

Then of course the Coogs absolutely destroyed Penn St.  The final score was no indication. The Coogs let up starting in the 2nd quarter and started punting fourth down and inches on Penn St. 35 yd line.

ANYWAY....This Saints vs Niners game totally reminds me of it. I see the same thing happening. But then again I thought the Coogs would destroy S. Miss.....

I know there are a million reasons why these two games are totally different, I am just talking about the feel I get from Covers people and the sports coverage of the game.


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