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Posted Monday, July 20, 2009 07:35 PM

Perry's Picks

Record: 0-0
Boston/Texas - Under 10
Chicago White Sox  -110
Arizona/Colorado - Over 9.5
Minnesota Twins  -130
Baltimore/New York Yanks - Under 10.5
Milwaukee Brewers -110
Los Angeles Dodgers  -150
Let me know what you guys think...Good Luck!! 

Posted Thursday, May 07, 2009 05:06 PM

Can Atlanta even slow down Cleveland just a little bit??!!

Can Atlanta slow down Cleveland just enough to get to get under +13.5.  When these two teams played during the year. most of the games were a lot closer than you think they would be.  I have a feeling that Atlanta covers tonight, but still get beat by the VERY strong Cleveland team...Atlanta +13.5 

Posted Monday, April 06, 2009 02:33 PM

Hey Fella's...

Hello...My name is Perry2jm...and...and...I am here because I gamble...This is my first time in a meeting...and...well.... 
I actually just started gambling during this past NBA season...and I have fallen in love with it.  I became very successful betting on basketball.  My favorite sport is baseball, but the whole betting on baseball looks so confusing.  Is it better to play the spread or just the moneyline??  Every over/under I look at I think is going under, then I go look at old baseball scores, and they would all be over...Can anyone fill me in on the strategies of betting baseball??  Or comments from all of you would be appreciated...
I am hoping that I get some support...and I can make this my one and only support group...I am having to much fun winning money and hope to do it with baseball...Thanks guys!! 

Posted Friday, April 03, 2009 04:46 PM

Perry's Friday Picks...4-1Through Last Two days...

Looking good these last couple of days...I am not the biggest fan of betting on Friday's because Friday's tend to be a little crazy...but here we go...   Boston -5 - I know that KG is not playing, but I still think that this Boston team is better than the Atlanta team on the road.  I think that it will be a pretty close game all the way until midway through the 3rd quater, and I expect Boston to take over at home.  Prediction:  Celtics 98, Hawks 89   Sacramento +13 - Sacramento has been playing much better as of late.  I think that this is going to be two teams shooting it out with little to no defense whatsoever!!  I do not think that Sacramento will win this one, but it will be closer than 13.  Prediction:  Suns 124, Sacramento 116   Cleveland -4 - Lebron is going to prove why he should be the MVP tonight with a win over the Magic.  This is going to be a great game between these two VERY HOT Eastern Conference Teams...and I think that Cleveland comes out on top.  Prediction:  Magic 95, Cavaliers 98    Once again, Good Luck to everyone that is wagering, and dont forget that this is suuposed to be fun!!         ... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 02, 2009 01:23 PM

Perry's Thursday Picks

Went 2-1 last night, lets see what TNT has in store for us tonight...Here are my picks...
Washington +10.5 - Call me crazy...They play good ball at home.  I don't think that Washington will win this one, but they will keep it respectable...Well, below 10.5 at least...Prediction:  Wizards 93, Cavaliers 101
Denver -5 -  This is going to be a great game to watch!!  I think that it is going to be a shootout the whole game...but I expect the better home team to pull it out in the end.  I know that this is a very important game for Utah, but I don't think that Denver is just going to give it to them...Simple...Denver is great at home, and Utah is not so great on the road...Denver will pull it out late...Prediction:  Nuggets 109, Jazz 102
Again, GOOD LUCK to everyone that is playing, if your on my side or not...Let's have a good time!! 

Posted Wednesday, April 01, 2009 04:40 PM

Perry's Wednesday's Picks

Since I have been picking pretty well, I figured I would share my picks with you guys, and you can do what you will with them...Here they are...
Charlotte + 8.5 - Simple...Boston is without KG again...and I think that Charlotte is a much better team then people think.  8.5 points is way to many points to give this team.  I don't think that they win, but I think it will be closer than 8.5 points.  Prediction: Celtics 98, Bobcats 93
Orlando - 10 - Reason...Match-ups and home court advantage...The Magic have been playing great!!!  I think that they are just going to steamroll this Toronto team.  Prediction:  Magic 109, Raptors 90
New Orleans -4 - What happened last night will not happen tonight...I think that they play much tougher defense tonight...Prediction:  Hornets 103, Clippers 94
Good Luck to everyone that is playing tonight weather you are on the same side as I am or not!!  Remember, the whole point of gambling is to enjoy what you are doing!! 


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