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Posted Wednesday, September 04, 2013 08:53 PM

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Posted Wednesday, March 03, 2010 07:31 PM

3/4 MLB Spring Training Scheduled Pitchers, Lineups and Early Leans

O's @ TB:

O's Scheduled Pitchers:  Matusz, Uehara, Hendrickson

TB Scheduled Pitchers:  Niemann, Torres, Balfour, Benoit, Cormier, Wheller

Yanks @ Phils:

OYanks Scheduled Pitchers:  Sabathia, Igawa, Logan,

Phils Scheduled Pitchers:  Halladay, Kendrick, Contreras, Escalona


Bucs @ Braves:

Bucs Scheduled Pitchers:  Morton, Burress, Lincoln, Chulk, Karstens, Thomas, Claggett, Sues, Uviedo, Aguero

Braves Scheduled Pitchers:  Kawahami, Hyde


Jays @ Tigers:

Jays Scheduled Pitchers:  Rzepczynski, Cecil, Kyle Drabek

Tigers Scheduled Pitchers:  Porcello, Galaragaa, Scherzer, Willis, Figaro, Durnatrait, Valverde


Cards @ Mets:

Cards Scheduled Pitchers:  MacLane, Octtavino, Zink, Samuel, Sanchez

Mets Scheduled Pitchers:  Dickey, Stoner , Events, Green, Egbert, Mejia


Rox @ Snakes:

Rox Scheduled Pitchers:  Hammel, Jorge De La Rosa, Manuel Corpas, Randy Flores, Juan Rincon, Franklin Morales. Backups: Alberto Alburquerque, Shane Lindsay, Edgmer Escalona, Andrew Johnston.

Rox Lineup:  With the Rockies having to play split-squad games in Scottsdale and Tempe on Friday, several frontline players are getting the day off Thursday when the Cactus League schedule opens against the D-backs at Tucson E... [More]

Posted Tuesday, March 02, 2010 08:39 PM

MLB 3/3 Scheduled Pitchers, Lineups and Early Leans

God I love Baseball here we go fellas:

Tigers @ Jays

Tigers Scheduled Pitchers:  Bonderman, Robertson, Galarraga, Perry, Thomas, Schlereth

Jays Scheduled Pitchers:  Ricky Romero, Eveland, Roenicke

Jays Lineup:  Bautista, Hill, Lind, Wells, Overbay, Buck, Reed, Gonzelaz, Snider


Braves @ Mets

Braves Scheduled Pitchers:  Hudson, Venters, Moylan, O'Flaherty, Marek, Lyman, Gomez

Braves Lineup:  TBD, Chipper and Glaus making spring debuts and braves are expected to start most of their regulars.

Mets Scheduled Pitchers:  Misch, Blackley, Livingston, Niesen,


Pirates @ Yankees:

Pirates Scheduled Pitchers:  Maholm (1 inning), Ohlendorf (1 inning), Bass, Corrasco, Jalubauskas, Tasdner, Machi

Pirates expected to travel:  Doumit, Alvarez, Clement, Garret Jones, McCutchen, Milledge, Tabata

Yankees Scheduled Pitchers:  Gaudin, Mitre, Aceves, Albaladejo, Arias, Hirsh, Ring, Sanit, Segovia

Yankees Lineup:  TBD, Giradi says expect 5 to 6 starters for tomorrow.


San Fran @ Seattle: 

San Fran Scheduled Pitchers:  Lincecum, Burngarner

San Fran Lineup:  TBD but they are supposedly going to be doing a lot of shuffling of the lineup giving a lot of the youngers a chance early in the spring.

Seattle Scheduled Pitchers:  Fister, Texeira, O... [More]


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