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Posted Tuesday, January 18, 2011 02:14 PM

***Xpress Picks: Tues. 1/18 (YTD: 51-43-3) Super Tuesday!***

"Super Tuesday" Plays:

*POD* North Carolina (-5)  vs.  Clemson  2 Units

Illinois (-4)  vs.  Michigan State  1 Unit

Georgetown (-3)  vs.  Seton Hall  1 Unit

Alabama (+5)  vs.  Kenutcky  1 Unit

Nebraska (-3.5)  vs.  Colorado  1 Unit

Tennessee  vs.  Georgia  Under 139.5  1 Unit

Michigan  vs.  Northwestern  Over 134  1 Unit

Loving UNC today!  Feel this is a good spot for them!  Let me know what you guys think!

Good Luck to Everyone! 

The Express

YTD: 51-43-3 (+0.90 Units)

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Posted Sunday, March 28, 2010 12:01 PM

Xpress MLB Predictions and Projections

American League

AL East

1.  New York Yankees: 99-63 (LY: 103-59)

Predicting the AL East teams will be performing at a higher level this year, especially the Rays and Orioles.  Because of this, there will be a little decline for the Yankees.  The addition of Vasquez will be beneficial but he will not be as dominant as he was in the NL last year.

2.  Boston Red Sox: 93-69 (LY: 95-67)

Similar to the Yankees, the level of play from the Rays and O's will make the Red Sox's win total decline. Predicting similar outcomes for Lackey and Vasquez in their new homes.  Too many acquisitions and releases, so I can not move them above the Yankees.

3.  Tampa Bay Rays: 89-73 (LY: 84-78)

Looking for the Rays to step-up and increase their level of play.  Predicting Shields and Garza will have better seasons.  Plenty of question marks after this year, so I believe they will have some incentives.  The key to the Rays' success is B.J. Upton! 

4.  Baltimore Orioles: 77-85 (LY: 64-98)

Really liking the O's this... [More]

Posted Saturday, July 11, 2009 07:28 AM

***Xpress Picks: Sat. 7/11 (YTD: 125-94) Fight Night Saturday!***

This Week:   Monday: 3-4 (-2.15 Units) Tuesday: 5-1 (+6.58 Units) Wednesday: 5-3 (+2.70 Units) Thursday: 6-2 (+4.65 Units) Friday: 3-4 (-3.90 Units)   Dumb F**k of the Day goes to Umpire Derryl Cousins. He was in perfect view of making the call and still blew it.  Olivo tagged Ellsbury high when already his legs crossed homeplate.  To make it even worse, he threw Ellsbury out of the game because of it.  I am guessing someone had money on the Royals last night.  Keep his ass on the West Coast away from Fenway!   "Fight Night" Saturday   *MLB:   Philadelphia Phillies (Hamels) RL -120  1 Unit      vs.  Pittsburgh Pirates (Ohlendorf)   New York Mets (Santana) -139  1 Unit      vs.  Cincinnati Reds (Cueto)   Texas Rangers (Milwood)      vs  Seattle Mariners (Washburn)  Over 8 -110  1 Unit   Los Angeles Angels (Weaver) -105  1 Unit      vs.  New York Yankees (Pettite)   *Add more games during the day. Have to see some line movements.   *UFC 100:   Frank Mir (+190)  vs.  Brock Lesnar  *$100.00/$190.00   Michael Bisping (+180)  vs.  Dan Henderson  *$100.00/$180.00   Paulo Thiago (+370)  vs.  Jon Fitch  *$25.00/$92.50   Parlay: ($40.00/$528.40)     &n... [More]


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