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Posted Wednesday, April 03, 2013 01:20 AM

Wednesday Baseball YTD 7-6 (+$61.50)

YTD 7-6 (+$61.50)
I am moving in the positive slow but steady lol.  Anyways on to Wednesday....
*POD SPECIAL* ($160.50/$150)915 Kansas City Royals/Chicago White Sox Over 7½ -107*Santana could not get anyone out early last year and there are quite a few Royals who hit Peavy well.  This is my biggestplay of the year.
Straight Bet ($50/$57.50)907 Philadelphia Phillies +115*  Ok I will bite at Halladay with + odds
Straight Bet ($55/$50)905 San Diego Padres/New York Mets Under 7 -110* Should be an absolute sleeper of a game.
Parlay  ($50/$187.51)Tampa -140Blue Jays -175Pirates -131
BOL Tomorrow everyone!... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2013 01:09 AM

Tuesday Baseball YTD 4-4 (+$58.00)

4-4 YTD (+$58.00)

Texas -180
Blue Jays -167

I am making this a 2 unit play, I usually do not like to increase my units this early in the season but I am feeling pretty good about this play.


Posted Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:40 PM

Monday MLB 1-1 YTD

1 - 1 YTD (-$8.50)
Monday Plays
907 Colorado Rockies/Milwaukee Brewers Over 7½ -120* $50/$80 Both pitchers really struggled early last year, should be a few runs scored in this one.
904 New York Mets -1½ +160* $50/$80 Mets should be able to take care of business handily with Headley out.
911 Philadelphia Phillies +114* $50/$57Hamels starts out on fire early in the season, love the price.
924 Cincinnati Reds -107* $53.50/$50Its a trap!!
914 Arizona Diamondbacks -108* $54/$50Kennedy should have a big year....
Parlay   $10/$341.64Rockies/Brewers over 7.5Mets -1.5 Phillies Reds 
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Posted Sunday, March 31, 2013 03:18 AM

MLB Sunday 3/31/13

YTD   0 - 0   $0.00

Texas Rangers vs Houston Astros

With the major changes in the Rangers line up this year I think they are way overvalued here.  Going to pay a little juice and buy some insurance. I am also not seeing a lot of runs scored in this one.  

998 Houston Astros +1½ -120*  60/50  

997 Texas Rangers/Houston Astros Under 8½ -117*  58.50/50 



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