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Posted Sunday, June 07, 2009 10:59 AM

The Final Act Take 5

Game 4: Detroit/Pitt Over 5.5  240/200               Detroit/Pitt OT           40/130              Detroit ml                 100/130   +60       Series +785   Game 5: Detroit ml 160/100               Detroit pl  40/74   More to come here but as you see I am siding with the champs as I think they respond here in full force not just for the loss but for the embarrassing way in which they played a large part of a very big game.   Not taking anything away from Pitt who played great and created alot of that negative play by Detroit and fully deserved the victory but with that said Pitt did not create ALL of those very uncharacteristic turnovers and all that (at times) very lazy play by Detroit and it is not the first time I have seen that from the Wings as they often IMO get too arrogant and lazy and they are playing a very solid and talented hockey team that can and will make them pay for such transgressions and sometimes a man has to have his legs broken in order to learn how to fly again and these men do have Wings that fly like not many I have seen ... [More]


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