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Posted Sunday, June 26, 2011 09:11 AM

Why Richards and Carter had to go

Mike Richards is the sole reason Jeff Carter was not traded two seasons ago when the Flyers organization was fed up with his softness and constant Walt Disney On Ice show.

Richards fought tooth and nail and whined like the little bitch everyone here on covers constantly accuses him of being to keep them from trading his buddy. This time around the organization would not give in as they should not have. If they had kept Richards after trading Carter he just would have moped and whined like the spoiled rotten little kid that he is and had an even worse season this year then he did last, mind you I don't know if that's possible as he was non existent for most of this past season both on the scoreboard and as the leader he was supposed to be.

Carter: Love the deal. When Carter was not scoring he didn't bring a ton more to the table. He has that gifted goal scoring shot but the grit of a slice of sponge cake, not to mention a body apparently made of glass. I never saw him step up in any of the bigger games for the Flyers during his time there.

The Flyers have always drafted great with their incredible scouting system so there is reason to be excited for an 8th overall pick which is higher than Carter was to begin with and add in the 68th overall and I'm already down with it. Voracek is loaded with scoring potential, is 21 years old and a 7th overall pick himself I believe. Surrounded with a gang of balanced off... [More]


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