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Jay Bouwmeester To Flyers?

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Posted Friday, February 27, 2009 12:13 AM   4 comments
 Jacques Martin was in attendance in philly for the kings/flyers game wednesday night and apparently will be back in attendance friday night for the habs/flyers tilt. The two names being tossed around on the philly side in an either/or fashion are Joffrey Lupul and Matt Carle. The panthers know he is leaving at the end of the season as he has made that pretty clear so they do need to deal him or see him walk and get nothing back. A little side note for those unaware is that Jacques Martin and Bob Clarke are very good friends off the ice so this does make alot of sense.
Glen Metropolit and Ossi Vaanen have been placed on waivers and either Claude Giroux or Darrel Powe will be sent down, all to make room for the return of Briere either friday night or sunday afternoon against the Devils.....I am loving the Bouwmeister Possiblity! Amazing fit and another strong playoff piece, now if he could only play net! LOL 
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Flutiemaniac341 says:
2/27/2009 1:26:37 AM
God i'm looking forward to tomorrow nite game. Hate philadelphia with a passion but they are a better team than the habs. Somehow i think mtl pulls it out, theyve been winning games they shouldnt be all yr. Its bizarre, theyve played like a bottomfeader giving up over 30, 40 shots every game yet manage to be in the post season race.

really doubt bouwmeester stays in conf. unless he goes to a team out of the picture like the laffs. gms just dont trade big inconf at the deadline. edmonton will probably grab him for cole, pisani and smid.

Polar_Bear says:
2/27/2009 10:36:43 AM
  I hear ya Flutie I was blindsided by this as well but the Flyers have stated they are looking for one big upper echelon Flyer type defenceman and obviously Martin is not going to two Flyer games just for fun....Martin and Clarkie are best friends so that could and and will if it fits over ride the inter-conference logic, but only time will tell bro.....By the way myself and my Flyers just love being hated so thank you...lol....My dad was a die hard Habs fan all his life and I know he will be rolling in his grave today at the thought of Carter, Richards, Gagne and Briere flying in on Halak!!  LOL...Everyone seems to be on your Habs tonight though so there ya go....I would say goodluck bro but I would not mean it so I won't...LOL....Cheers!
solutionchris says:
2/27/2009 7:18:33 PM
i guys.

the Flyers like Bouwmeester but the salary cap doesn't help,tonight VS Montreal the Flyers are unable to make room for him & Timonen will be back soon....

Polar_Bear says:
3/2/2009 2:20:10 PM
Backstrom would be incredible! That is wishful thinking, but they do still need one more big solid puck moving defenceman who is a point getter as well.
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