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Posted Monday, March 15, 2010 10:36 AM   38 comments

I saw faceoff trying to post a link for Ovechkins cheap shots. Here are more than a few including even one on an unsuspecting Swiss player in international play. Don't attack the messenger, just posting the link that another poster had trouble posting. My feelings have been voiced on this matter in the past here.


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CoverThis19 says:
3/15/2010 1:41:43 PM
OVIE is the man, i am a redwings fan so there is no biased involved here. Campbell had no body control on that hit, its not like he couldnt see him coming, i could see if it was a blind side hit but Olvechkin is a beast and his strength was shown on that hit.  Olvechkin isnt overrated either, i think he is a more well rounded player than Crosby.
faceoff says:
3/15/2010 1:57:29 PM

Polar thanks for the post showing this prick in action....

Ovie is a classless prick who prey's on other player's beyond the game of Hockey itself.... He show's intent to injure more than once now and has '' skated '' will little retaliation so far....

How anyone can defend his tactic's is beyond me...


Ferguson_Funk says:
3/15/2010 2:14:59 PM
Cant remember his name but  a habs player was just giveing 4 games for a similar hit at less speed and definately less out come. Ovie is a repeat offender. If he doesnt get 5 games for this atleast the league is a joke. i find it funny to how Ovie is the dirtiest player in the league probably and his coacg is the first to start yapping about cheap shots or dirty hits on his players. karma is a beeyatch
JTFinn says:
3/15/2010 3:13:32 PM

Richards should have been suspended ...

Cooke should have been suspended ....

Now Ovechkin & Downie should be suspended ....

Buttman better stop this now before playoff time or it will be real ugly. 

JTFinn says:
3/15/2010 3:19:55 PM

That is all the more reason why he should have been suspended many times before and should be now. 

wiggins says:
3/15/2010 5:58:18 PM

2 games for AO



Skubishack says:
3/15/2010 6:04:44 PM

Season IS over for Brian Campbell..

Broken Clavicle(collarbone) and some ribs as well


Polar_Bear says:
3/15/2010 6:08:01 PM
Thanks for the link wiggins...
Polar_Bear says:
3/15/2010 6:09:54 PM
Brutal..... I hate having to see a top team go into the playoffs down an important component. I love seeing everyone with their best chance to win when the big teams face off later on...Sad news for hockey watchers and it did not need to happen. Thanks for the link Skubi....
bluesplayer says:
3/15/2010 6:14:50 PM

I agree.He is an animal.240 LBS and tries to smack players every chance he gets,very beast like....would not want to be on the receiving end of any of his antics....
wawakid says:
3/15/2010 6:15:51 PM
Campbell is gone for the year fuck that pisses me off. There was no need for that cheap shot push. Campbell is lucky he didn't go head first into the boards he could've broke his neck.
benhogan76 says:
3/15/2010 6:16:57 PM

 Like he has a fukin clue.

Polar_Bear says:
3/15/2010 6:27:30 PM
He has ZERO RESPECT for other players.....
GmoneyB says:
3/15/2010 6:51:07 PM

Im a big Ovie fan. The guy is incredible, but this hit was retarded.

Im not a Blackhawks fan, and still find myself pretty pissed off when I heard about Campbell's colarbone. I would have loved to see The Hawks make a strong push for the Cup, but this injury is gonna hurt them offensively AND defensively.

So as a fan of hockey, that hit was friggin retarded

hoogler says:
3/15/2010 7:30:49 PM
Ovechkin is a great talent, no doubt. One of the best of the puck-handlers I have ever seen, not a bad skater either.

Fans of his will point out that he leads the league in hits and that he has a rough and tough player. However this is NOT the case. Ovechkin is an opportunist when it comes to contact. He only lowers the boom on someone when he sees an opponent in a vulnerable position.

He is exactly like Claude Lemieux when it comes to playing a physical game. Only a bad ass when he sees someone with thier head down, losing thier edge, lined up with boards or crossbar. Lets see him drop the gloves, then you will see the true person....a coward. Hopefully Ovechkin will get his some day just like Lemieux.

There is a growing feeling of hatred toward Ovechkin among NHL players. Besides his numerous dirty hits he also celebrates every goal like he just won the Stanley Cup, not that he knows what that feels like.

Any thoughts on who's the best player to take him to school?
Remember, justice is served on the ice.

wawakid says:
3/15/2010 7:47:06 PM
Just saw on the score that OV is gone for 2 games.
Polar_Bear says:
3/15/2010 7:51:53 PM
Ya, won't affect the Caps standings wise but at least it goes to his record so to speak so it is some form of progress to curb him before someone loses a knee cap or one of those slew foots cracks someones skull open on the ice..
nightshift says:
3/15/2010 8:08:03 PM
Ovechkin's history aside, this one would not even be discussed if Campbell had not fallen down and kept his balance. It was a push not a hit. I cannot believe how many are judging this as a dirty play just because Ovechking had some dirty plays before. How can this be even compared to what Richards or Cooke did earlier is beyond me. There was a clear intent to injure on both Richard's and Cooke's play not on this one. NHL has it backwards.


sagebrush says:
3/15/2010 8:29:48 PM
gmoney......campbell is a defensive liability you might want to watch a game or two
Flutiemaniac341 says:
3/15/2010 9:33:59 PM
I did not agree with the Ovie knee on Gonchar. i thought that play was dirty. This was simply a push. The guy is a beast and powered Campbell into the boards. The guy doesnt know his own strength. Not saying its Brians fault but damn he went into the boards awfully easy. keep ur footing and this isnt even a discussion.
Flutiemaniac341 says:
3/15/2010 9:35:19 PM

agreed hes at best their 4th dman. hes a liability in his own end.

sagebrush says:
3/15/2010 9:42:42 PM

thanks flutie

hawks been trying to trade him for 2 years now but with that ridiculous contract no one is dumb enough, no one!

Johnnypicks says:
3/15/2010 10:11:22 PM

and if this were to happen  2.5 wks ago woulda been ltd and freed cap room to get a better goalie

BHouse says:
3/16/2010 1:05:32 PM

Cooke's dirty hit was 10 times worse than Ovie's push.  What happened to Campbell is extremely unfortunate, but it's not like he full on checked him into the boards.  Ovie plays reckless at times, but I don't think this was one of those times. 

That being said, I'm not gonna really argue with the 2 game suspension, given the result and the fact that it doesn't really matter for the Caps.  But if you are going to suspend Alex and let Cooke get away with that dirty shit, it's just another example of Bettman protecting his precious Penguins.  It makes me sick.

CanadaCup says:
3/16/2010 1:13:21 PM
Two games for that intentional hit on Campbell is appalling
FrozenTundra says:
3/16/2010 1:54:48 PM
Cooke isn't a repeat offender. Ovie is.

Ovie's arm's fully extended...

...it was just a brutal play.
rollmaestro says:
3/16/2010 2:24:35 PM

If you wanna play the "blame" game, then maybe berate Chicago's netminder, whose job it is to let the defenseman know just who is on his tail when heading behind the net with his back to the ice. Nobody has mentioned this yet of course, and if OV would have actually "hit" Campbell instead of merely shoving him, then Campbell would  be calling it a career instead of sustaining a broken rib and clavicle. NHL players break bones all the time, always have, always will. That said, the suspension was warranted bc OV does have a history, so to speak, and he needed to be made an example of. The guy plays at full speed, every shift, every game. And that's why he'll be named MVP for the 3rd straight season gang. Think "intensity"... every coach in the NHL would LOVE to have him, and that's a fact.

Hockey is a rough game, or perhaps you've never seen Gordie "elbows" Howe play the game either... good grief people.

JTFinn says:
3/16/2010 7:17:15 PM

Ovechkin has been protected more than anyone.  The NHL keeps hoping he will grow up or mature, but it is clear that is not going to happen anytime soon.  

rollmaestro says:
3/16/2010 7:28:20 PM
Ovechkin protects himself Finn, especially at 6ft 2 and 225lbs. Along with Cindy Crosby, #8 is the other of the NHL's meal-tickets, that's a fact. That's the reality of the situation anyway... I can think of 3 or 4 NY Islanders who played dirtier in the late 70's/early 80's but with about half the skill. And OV's detractors ie  Don Cherry can kiss my ass --- in between giving Crosby blowjobs, of course...
nightshift says:
3/16/2010 8:13:59 PM

The only brutal thing on the Ovechkin's push was that it wasn't Cooke or

Richards on the receiving end.

Matt Cooke not being a repeat offender? Are we talking about the same Matt Cooke here?


wiggins says:
3/16/2010 8:20:03 PM

NASCAR-Sucks says:
3/16/2010 8:50:47 PM

the international hit in the video is clean as a whistle and not cheap IMO. Everything else is just awful. I cringe every time at the Briere hit. Pretty sure if I was one of Briere's team mates I would have lost my job and ended up in jail.

JTFinn says:
3/16/2010 10:43:21 PM

OV is protected by getting to be a cheapshotting thug whenever he has wanted knowing they will not do anything to him.  The late hits from behind and the knee on knee shots are not being a tough guy.  They are big pussy plays at best.  But the funny part his the most Cap fans are too enamored to realize he is a shitty leader and will continue to fall short come playoff time when his team needs him to do what it takes to win and not do what it takes for himself. 

Besides I think Chery likes OV's toothless blowjobs a little better ....

gambino412 says:
3/16/2010 11:09:59 PM

Ovechkin would have only got 4 games if he would have broke his neck...
rushyyz says:
3/16/2010 11:26:25 PM

Don't put the losses in the past two playoffs on Ovechkin... it's our shitty defense and goaltending.  As for his leadership, some of us still think Brooks Laich should have been captain. 

rollmaestro says:
3/18/2010 3:59:10 AM

FINN, you will never see another knee-to-knee job by OV 1st of all. Second of all, he has more "clean" hits and crushing blows than any scorer since... well, I can't think of one frankly, but his "dirtier" blows get ALL the press, of course.  All I will say is that the Caps bring home Lord Stanley's Cup either this year or next, perhaps both, and yes, under #8's leadership... and yes rushyyz, I too thought Laich would be better suited to wear the "C", but this is the NHL, and 3-time MVPs eventually get the Captain tag whether their English is good enuff or not.

To wit, if OV blew Don Cherry he would draw blood, he's only missing one chicklet after all...

djdk87 says:
3/18/2010 5:24:10 PM
to the person that says Cooke isn`t a cheap hitter give ur head a shake he should hve got suspended same with richards as well Ovi is a monster on the ice he plays his heart out game in and game out. it wasn`t a cheap hit he pushed him a little and he lost his balance the Cooke hit wasn`t cheap Don Cherry was talking about it last Saturday and hes a repeat defender Cooke. theres many players who haven`t got suspended for dirty hits ur just picking on Ovie cause ur all Crosby lovers. you don`t see to many players who can score that many goals and hit like Ovie can
djdk87 says:
3/18/2010 5:38:54 PM
had to write one last thing why are u trying to compare Cooke to Ovie like that is just messed up.
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