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Why Richards and Carter had to go

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Posted Sunday, June 26, 2011 09:11 AM   11 comments

Mike Richards is the sole reason Jeff Carter was not traded two seasons ago when the Flyers organization was fed up with his softness and constant Walt Disney On Ice show.

Richards fought tooth and nail and whined like the little bitch everyone here on covers constantly accuses him of being to keep them from trading his buddy. This time around the organization would not give in as they should not have. If they Mike Richards and Jeff Carters enjoy booze and ladies.had kept Richards after trading Carter he just would have moped and whined like the spoiled rotten little kid that he is and had an even worse season this year then he did last, mind you I don't know if that's possible as he was non existent for most of this past season both on the scoreboard and as the leader he was supposed to be.

Carter: Love the deal. When Carter was not scoring he didn't bring a ton more to the table. He has that gifted goal scoring shot but the grit of a slice of sponge cake, not to mention a body apparently made of glass. I never saw him step up in any of the bigger games for the Flyers during his time there.

The Flyers have always drafted great with their incredible scouting system so there is reason to be excited for an 8th overall pick which is higher than Carter was to begin with and add in the 68th overall and I'm already down with it. Voracek is loaded with scoring potential, is 21 years old and a 7th overall pick himself I believe. Surrounded with a gang of balanced offensive skill and Voracek should be lighting the lamp in Philly with his very up tempo style and skill set.

Finally The Captain: He had to go due to the Carter situation and let's face it Richards had his chance last season when Pronger went down both during the regular season and in the playoffs. With no Pronger the Flyers dressing room went limp, the heart and fight left the team. If Richards was the leader I had hoped he was going to be and if he wanted to prove to the Flyers Pronger was not that important and that it was HIS team then he he failed badly because he played with zero heart or balls during either of those stretches and failed miserably to lead the team at all.

For fuck sakes Pronger had to come back on one leg and with a bulging disc rammed up against his spinal cord and somehow skate and play just to get them past Buffalo leading them through games 6 and 7 because like it or not he did with his presence alone. He could not make an appearance against Boston so guess what? Either could the Flyers without them and Richards was no where to be found in his absence.

Hate him or not, could any of the old timers here ever imagine any individual on earth walking into that old Broad Street Bullies dressing room and taking that team away from Bobby Clarke?


Never could have happened at anytime in his career but it did rather easily with Richards as his soldiers followed Pronger into battle and battled harder with him and not at all with Richards leading the way and that really spoke volumes to me about Richards ever being "that guy" the leader they thought he could or was going to be.

Mike Richards is highly skilled and will play in more All-Star games and probably on other Team Canadas but he is also as all the same people here calling the trade stupid love to constantly remind Flyer fans a spoiled whiny little bitch. Zero argument here on that one.

Schenn will be groomed properly in Philly and will be a star in the league in my opinion. I am a very big fan of Wayne Simmonds who is from my own old stomping grounds in East Toronto, he is always noticeable on the ice in every single Kings game I see which is pretty much all the West Coast games I love to stay up and watch. He can be seen crashing and banging without malice and potting his share of goals for the hard nosed grinder that he is and at 22 years old has tons of room to grow. He is a younger clone of Laperriere and I have zero doubt will be a big fan favorite in Philly right off the hop.

In doing all this the Flyers freed up the money to get the goalie they wanted that can finally make everyone shutup win or lose because at least they made the attempt and as I said I would have rather had Vokoun but I hope he proves me wrong and he certainly has a better cast in front of him to give it a go. It also allows them to sign Leino and/or more importantly sign to a solid deal a real bona fide superstar in JVR.

I will be very interested to see how Carter and Richards do now that they are separated from each other for the first time since their OHL days. They went to the Philly Phantoms together the same day and then on the same day both started with the Flyers. Maybe no more late night duo trips to the Turkish bath houses together will help their stamina but then again little party boy Richards in LaLa Land could be scary.

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outlaw96 says:
6/26/2011 5:24:12 PM
Nice write up My Broad Street Brother !!!
pinballwizard says:
6/26/2011 6:13:25 PM

Agree with a number of points you eluded to in your thread PB but certainly there are also a number of points I know for a fact are inaccurate and simply wrong based on what I've read and come to understand from those who follow the team on a regular and first hand basis. Unless you know Mike Richards and/or Jeff Carter on a personal level or are around the team on an inside and everyday basis, to be able to publicly indicate how either acts on or away from the rink is for all intensive purposes bogus. However that's fine because as a Flyer fan for some 43 years, I've come to read, see and hear these types of comments from Flyer haters regularly and have, for the most part, learned to shrug them off and have actually come to obtain a good laugh from the majority of them.

Now as for the Jeff Carter deal, first of all he was traded right now, at this time, for one reason, that being to soley free up the cap space necessary to finalize the Bryzgalov deal and hence the trade had nothing to do whatsoever with his play on or off the ice-end of story. With regards to the Richards deal an hour or so later, when the initial shock wore off and I was able to absorb the comments, reasons and explanations by both GM Holmgrem and owner Snyder for the trade, it made more sense and became more clear to me.

As most of us kniow, both players were drafted in 2003 and were to become the cornerstones for the Flyer franchise in its' quest to win the team's first Stanley Cup since 1975. After two years or so to get accustomed to the NHL and their new surroundings, etc., the Flyers under their leadership and direction failed to win a championship in the five or six seasons which followed. In the pair's defense however it should be strongly noted that the team neglected to acquire a legitimate number one netminder which for the most part is the essential ingredient in hoisting a Stanley Cup. 

So following this season when management did its' complete and total team evaluation, they concluded the club simply wasn't going to reach its' goal and in turn decided to make the Richard's trade, in essence the other remaining half of the 2003 cornerstone draft pick. The decision to trade Richards and Carter for that matter, based on Holmgrem's comments, had been made made prior to the day the deal was announced. 

In turning the page, the Flyers finally and significantly upgraded their goaltending, their depth and more importantly their size at wing, their youth, the team obtained what many observers say is the best young player currently outside the NHL in Schenn and a surprise selection with the number eight overall pick in this year's draft with the acquisition of Couturier, who most thought wouldn't have been available when the eighth selection came around.

In the end the departure of Carter and particularly Richards came as a shock to the entire hockey world and particularly to Flyer fans alike when the deals were announced but after the dust had settle, we Flyer fans will welcome a new start to the 2011-12 campaign and for a change, a breath of fresh air between the pipes. Amen and a relatively good article PB.    

Jon_Campbell says:
6/26/2011 9:08:58 PM
Yeah, good post here and good comment also pinball.

This is one of those rare multi-team trades where I think everybody wins. The move of Richards and Carter is about a culture change in Philly. Whatever the details, there was a leadership problem with Richards in that dressing room and Carter just wasn't the consistent player they needed from someone with that kind of talent. Plus Philly has needed a goalie basically since Ron Hextall and I think they got that - though goalies are notoriously crappy in the first year after signing a big contract.

Richards and Carter also need fresh starts. I think this gives them both a chance to succeed, especially for Richards who doesn't need to worry about the burden of wearing the 'C' anymore.

Voracek is crazy talented. If he can stay healthy, he can do some damage on the statistics sheet.

I think it's worth it for L.A. if Richards is the player he is capable of being, which I think he might do in a lower-pressure hockey market without the leadership burden.

Good discussion gents. Cheers.

Polar_Bear says:
6/27/2011 9:14:09 PM
Your welcome to your opinions and my own are included in my writeup but are you serious when say you think that Carter was traded simply for cap reasons??? You really swallow that down and digest it?

 First of all they tried to trade him a couple of seasons ago and that is just plain fact. It was the Leafs who pulled out of that almost done deal at the time and he was shopped to other teams at the time as well but they could not get back what they felt he was worth, so their lack of love or faith in the kid was documented in that situation. He went on to play some good hockey after that and things quieted down and they then tabled the long contract. Secondly have you taken the time to look at some other Flyer contracts? The amounts of money they are paying players like Meszaros and Versteeg to name a couple. Those two players being moved would have freed up more than enough money for Bryzgalov and we both know nobody would have said peep about them being dealt or anything negative about it being done for purposes of getting the goalie. With that said to say choosing to move a guy they were giving a 12 year contract to just because of money is absolutely ludicrous and comical. Other issues arewere on deck here.

 Rumors are just that, however we as fans and myself being one that has followed and loved this team all of my life and watch and follow them intently can and will make assumptions based on what we hear along with what we see on the ice.

I am basing my assumptions and opinions on this matter in the first post and your welcome to yours but if you seriously think this was just about the salary cap you need to clean your glasses off because they had MANY other alternatives to use/deal for that purpose and that is just plain old financial fact not open to anyones opinion. They CHOSE to move Carter and Richards and not any other large contracts of which they have a number.


Jaysvdubwhat says:
6/29/2011 12:27:38 AM
Only thing that bothers me is that Bryzgalov is 31

so let's say the Flyers need 3-4 years to develop these new players

he will be 34 or 35

shredTHegnar says:
6/29/2011 7:27:24 AM
yah but look at who just raised the Cup- Thomas. He became a starter in his 30's and he is still shredding the gnar b/w the pipes. I understand though. I like our situation in LA with two really good young guys hopefully won't have to worry about gettin the cornerstone goale for awhile cause we had some probs b/w the pipes there for awhile
topshelf84 says:
7/1/2011 5:16:55 PM

im very late here PB but i agree ..........im suprised they actually did it but im sure glad they did

Polar_Bear says:
7/1/2011 5:43:58 PM

Updating these trades:

From Philly                       To Philly

Carter                        Voracek (7th overall pick) Right Wing

                                 Couturier (8th overall pick) Center

                                 Cousins (68th overall pick) Center

Richards                    Simmonds Right Wing

                                 Schenn (5th overall pick) Center

                                  2nd round pick in 2012

Departed FA's              Signed FA's

O'Donnell                     Lilya

Leino                           Jagr



YukonTrav says:
11/17/2011 3:34:36 PM
great thread, wish you guys populated the Ice Picks Forum too, we can use some good hockey thinkers. Well done boys, well done ... Yukon Trav
mckrause says:
3/3/2012 2:33:55 PM
Nice to hear it the way it actually is.
claude_gir0ux says:
4/4/2012 6:51:04 PM
GO FLYERS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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