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Posted Saturday, May 05, 2012 03:52 PM


I'm kinda on tilt...but does anyone see a reason why not to make a large play on St.Louis?

Houston hasn't won 5 straight all year
St.Louis hasn't lost 3 straight all year.

Houston is 54% after a win
St.Louis is 70% after a loss

Garcia has pitcher well his last 3...era 2.08
Bud Norris last 3...era 6.87

I know these are random and I'm looking for someone to give me decent reasons why not to play the Cards today. I'm already pissed that I slept through my alarm and didn't get a play in on the Dodgers (I was chasing them and the game was off the board at all 3 of my books when I went to bed...story of my life)

Posted Friday, December 04, 2009 12:06 AM

Northern Colorado +1 seem familiar?

yah...I was on The Shitadel tonight. I'm a consistent drinker of Kool-aid.

My question is this....who goes to the punch bowl again with N.COLORADO getting a point at Montana St?

Also looking at SAN DIEGO as a short line road fave at UC Riverside and COLORADO getting 2 at Oregon St




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