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Posted Friday, June 26, 2015 11:52 AM

CFL plays

My play here tonight is Calgary -6.5.

The stamps narrowly escaped with GC win on a holding call on the Punt return. In that game they were -3.5 point favs and tonight they are -6.5 with Home field advantage.

The 2 question marks heading into this game is the CGY's new O-Line and Hamiltons knicked up team. I will give the edge to CGY in that dept, as most of Hamilton's injuries lie on their D-line. That fact plus CGY being at home makes me think the stamps will be fine.

Plus you have two of the best offensive weapons in the league in Mitchell at QB and Cornish running the rock. I just can't see Hamilton rolling in and winning in Calgary so I will give away the points and pull for a CGY win by 7 or more.

The line is shaded a couple points CGY's way based on SFX power rating which has produced even action on both teams but the juicy is starting to show on CGY.

STAMPS -6.5 -109 $272.5 to win $250 - This is a medium bet for me


After watching last nights game two things stood out - The new rule on extra points could play havock with lines this year, Ottawa missed an xtra tag but made up for it later on 2pt try, but as the season wears on  it could be come a factor when the weather starts to turn. Apparently only 80% of FG's are made form 30 yards out.

Also the new PI rules did not seem to have much influence on any long passes that I saw. Any comments?

Posted Tuesday, June 14, 2011 08:34 PM

DO you have a futures bet on either boston or vcr?

If you do what is it and what do plan to do?

Sit tight

Hedge a little 

Hedge a lot

Hedge it all?

I have Canucks to win the series 4-3 (as Ea sports predicted)

I am considering hedging it all 


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