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Posted Saturday, October 06, 2012 06:43 PM


NFL week 5 should be the weekend of the dogs................started out with the Rams upsetting the undefeated Cards but who didnt see that coming? No way were the Cards gonna go 5-0 in that division & have a feeling that the NFC West division title will come down to the last few weeks of who wins that division.

Look for a lot of dogs to cover week fact, dont be surprised to see all 5 out of 6 home dogs cover in week 5, if not all of them! Saints at 0-4  & will continue that streak entering their bye week with another loss, even tho Brees will break the Unitas record, dont look for the Saints to win this Sunday night......................

Posted Friday, September 14, 2012 05:21 PM


Browns is the HUGE play for week 2:

Bengals are 1-12 ATS as a September favorite off a SU & ATS loss.........
Bengals are 0-9 ATS as a favorite off a double digit SU loss under the coaching of Marvin Lewis past 9 years...........
Bengals are 4-17 ATS at home vs division opponent off a SU loss..............
Bengals are 2-11 ATS off a SU division road loss............
Bengals are 1-5 ATS as a division home favorite vs a less than .500 division opponent..........
Cleveland is 6-0 ATS w/revenge vs opponent off a SU loss in September............
Cleveland is 13-3 ATS as dogs off a SU loss but ATS win.............
Cleveland is 6-0 ATS as a division road dog w/revenge (its a double revenge game)

Bengals havent made the playoffs back to back years since 1981-1982 season...........were in the playoffs last season, they will not make it this year. Trust me, the Bengals will be terrible this season!... [More]

Posted Monday, August 13, 2012 07:21 PM


I will not be wagering on any futures but will give my opinions.............

Seahawks (Over 7.5 -120) This is a Best Bet

Titans (Over 7.5 -105)

Over/Unders in the AFC West & the NFC East are very difficult & would suggest to stay away from those divisions.

Future Super Bowl Plays:

Seahawks  (+4500) (Long shot)

Titans (+615)

Packers (+400) (Think they win it all)

Divisions Winners:

AFC South: Titans (+260)

NFC North: Packers (-280)

NFC South: Falcons (+160) & Panthers (+465)...........dont like the Saints at all this season.

NFC West: Seahawks (+495)

AFC West & NFC East.............I wouldnt wager on neither division.

Pre-Season has started & there were several players that stood out after 1 week..........Andrew Luck looked awesome vs the Rams...........then again, they were playing the Rams. There is a reason the Colts got rid of Manning, they knew what they were getting in Luck & knew he didnt need someone to show him the ropes, everything they saw in college, all the psychological testing & whatever else they use showed... [More]

Posted Friday, July 29, 2011 07:18 AM

Football Is Back My Fellow Gamblers!

Glad to see the NFL lockout over & everyone getting back to business. Free agency galore out here & plenty of players being traded. Arizona giving up alot just to get Kolb which imo, is plain stupid & only time will tell if I am wrong. Arizona giving up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round draft pick in 2012 plus throwing Kolb a 5 year, $63 million dollar deal & guaranteeing him $20 million for being unproven is as wacky of a deal as I have seen so far this year.

The Eagles made out like bandits in this deal & I cant wait to watch this match-up on November 13th at Philly! It will be Arizonas 1st road game of 3 consecutive road games & the Eagles 3rd consecutive home game following a Monday nighter vs the Bears. The only thing holding the Eagles back right now is Desean Jackson holding out of training camp because he is not happy with his contract. Cant wait to see some of these guys getting penalized $30,000 a day...........some people make that working a full year, gotta love over paid pro athletes!

There are other great match-ups as well this season. The Broncos will start the Tim Tebow era as he will be the starter out in Denver since Orton will look to be traded to Miami likely. Bush looks to put a spark in the Dolphins & it looks as if Kyle Orton could possibly be handing him the ball.

The Panthers look to be solid in the RB position & hopefully Cam Newton has a nice pre-season which would make him a can... [More]

Posted Friday, December 31, 2010 01:47 PM


S florida +3    $1100 to win $1000

Posted Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:28 PM


First I would like to apoligize to anyone that is tailing me & let everyone know that I am buying back my bets on the Jags & the Cowboys.

I should have put more time & effort into studying these games before placing any wagers & placing a thread on Covers telling people what I like. It seems I do terrible when I rush a play & that is what I was doing when I layed my money on the Cowboys.

Im actually glad the Colts line came out late because I had not placed a wager on that game. As far as the Colts game goes, how in the world can you cap this game when you dont know whose playing & for how long. I would rather have anyone that is tailing lose the juice than to lose their hard earned money on either of these games. These games consist of 2 teams that are trying to go undefeated & as a bettor, its not a good bet trying to beat an undefeated team.

The Saints could really use a story book ending in that city after what happened to them several years ago in Louisiana. Several good cappers leaning the Saints way didnt convince me but rather helped me realize that this was a game that you either take the Saints or layoff. In fact, a good bet would be to tease the Colts & Saints.

I could look like an idiot come Saturday night but like I said before, I rather risk my money & help others out on here than to see any of us lose our money. With that being said, I will have some good plays coming up this... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2009 09:34 AM

NFL Week 5 Plays

I had a write-up saying that the Vikings were statistically better in every category than the Packers. I also said that the Packers needed to stop AP & the Pack Qb would have to avoid mistakes with all the noise of the Vikes stadium, well, maybe I was asking too much out of Rodgers & his offensive line, hence the better team won & covered. Congrats to the Viking backers on Monday night. Now onto week 5 games. The games below are my leans & I will have 2 big plays out of the leans & post the official plays after ive done the research & studying. These are just leans for the time being.   (Skins +3.5), this game opened at Panthers -4.5 & quickly fell to -3.5. Carolina had a bye week but I dont think that helped any, they are still a terrible team. Not that the Skins are much better, but I just think the Skins atleast make an effort to finish games.   (Chiefs +9), The Chiefs showed some life by coming back & trying to make a game of it vs the Giants. I really dont like the Chiefs coach, I dont think this organization is clicking at all but with Dallas in an almost must win game & heavy money on the Boys, I will side with the Chiefs for now because the Boys have not shown me they are the playoff team they are hyped up to be.   (Colts-3.5), This game will be interesting, the Colts are aiming for 5-0 & the Titans are trying not to go 0-5 vs there divisional rival. Im really suprised on how a Fisher team can be 0-... [More]

Posted Monday, October 05, 2009 08:21 AM

Vikings-Packers Monday night play

This game on MNF has been hyped up since Favre signed with the Vikings. Ive been hearing about how Favre will light up the Pack & how the Packers run defense isnt that great, which it isnt, they rank 23rd, but I dont rely on that information in only the 4th week of the season. Vikings are better in almost every statistical category. But if you solely look at stats to base a prediction on the outcome of a pointspread, you may be dissapointed. You need to take everything into account. The Vikings are at home & there stadium is loud & causes Qb's to make mistakes. Rodgers has been in the league for a while & im sure he can handle the noise. The question is can the Packers defense handle AP? Thats why they play the game, we shall find out. Favre can handle pressure but he is also known to throw interceptions & I believe he's good for 2 of them on Monday night. Take the Packers in a tight game. Imo, Packers win ouright, but I will gladly take the points!
Packers +4 (-110)  $1100 to win $1000


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