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Posted Sunday, July 10, 2011 07:07 PM

Noob Question About Units

I know most cappers use units to keep track of results.  Is there any reason to use the unit system for anything other than a way of keeping score? What I mean is, could it be used as an aid to encourage proper bankroll management?   

For example, I just started betting baseball this season. And I make my bet sizing based on how I feel about a certain spot (similar to units). However, I don't use the 1u/2u/etc. system. My least confident plays are usually somewhere between $10 and $20. While my next tier of bet sizing is somewhere between $25 and $50. My most confident plays (usually about 1 per day) are between $75 and $100. 

My question is how does my "system" sound?  Would it serve me better to start making bets with a rigid unit system? Or does it not matter too much that I don't have a set $ amount for each unit?  


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