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Posted Thursday, January 03, 2013 11:42 PM

Starting from scratch, I need help from my fellow covers ppls

Hello Covers Team,
Here is the story, the last couple of weeks have been nothing but complete hell for me. When you think you can crack the book and become a millionaire over night, all the wrong things happen. I went into degenerate gambling mode and lost 8k in just about a few bets. Some of the bad beats were Rutgers bowl game, Packers game and the Cowboys game, with a few in between, but as you can see by those picks I got straight cracked and went broke and lost my bank roll completely. This was all lost to a local bookie but I took a little time off just to recuperate and now I would like to seek some help from you guys for some tips. 
I am going to be starting a brand new bank roll, new slate and a new view on picking games. It is the start of a new year and hopefully I can make something positive out of it. I am going to be opening up a 5dimes account with a bank roll of $2-300 but I am not sure just yet (money is kind of tight when you need to pay the bookies). I know a lot of big cappers stress the urgency of sticking to "units", I am the type that is an all or nothing type of better and this is what clearly hurt me. Can someone tell me what type of size bets I should be making? 
My goal is to run my bankroll to about 2-3k which would be almost 10k my buy in, I know it wont happen over night but there are some successful betters out there. Some of my biggest problems came when I would make big wagers on big money line favorites assum... [More]


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