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Posted Tuesday, February 15, 2011 12:44 PM

Fade the Pistons the rest of the year

You do and you will be up money from here on out. This team is an absolute mess again. 

They had a good run there a few weeks ago and now they are in complete disarray. The are getting new ownership and it is obvious that no one on this team respects their coach or his staff and feels like they will be back.

Rodney Stuckey is becoming quite the cancer and it is affecting the entire team. From someone who watches all their games, I will fade them the rest of the year. 

They have no desire to play hard; how else do you explain being up 15 in the second quarter and then trail by 2 at the half. Then score 28 in the second half? They definitely don't play defense, that is a formula for a fade.

Take it for what it is worth


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