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Posted Monday, December 27, 2010 05:26 PM

*** Q's Monday Night Plays *** ( 13-0 ; +5900 Streak on the line)

Ok, I am rolling on Monday nights. My 13-0 ; +5900 streak on the line tonight. Should be the best MNF game all year... BOL to you all!!

Falcons (-2.5)   6 units ******



Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010 02:58 AM

My local is absolutly SICK over this... And I love it!!!!

I am rolling on Monday nights... Over the past 4 Monday's, I am a combined

13-0  ( +5900 )

I honestly cant get over this, my local is sick with me and doesn't know how I keep hitting on Monday nights.... And to be honest I am still in shock, if it was not for me betting denver vs. SD I would be on a 7 week perfect streak on Mondays... I had the Eagles and Over and Pittsburgh and Over before losing with Denver.... Lets keep this thing going for 2 more weeks!!! 

Posted Saturday, October 02, 2010 02:14 AM

SERIOUSLY..... WTF!!!!!!!!

I have the problem we all dont wanna get... I was up $5900 going into tonight and said I would only risk $900 for the rest of the week so I would win atleast $5000.... But I am an absolute idiot!!! LOST EVERY GAME TONIGHT, -3100.... Yes I know, but I need to get it IN Saturday afternoon.... I couldnt miss on a play all week, now I am ICE cold.... Give me a hand, I need it!

What do you guys like for Saturday afternoon???

Posted Monday, May 10, 2010 11:04 AM

Q's Monday " Game of the Year" Play!!!

Hope you guys had a good week, we are going to start this week off in a huge way with a ***GOY*** I have been looking at this game since friday and loved it more and more each day, not going to give you a huge writte-up or anything like that, just jump on it and lets start this week off great! BOL to you all

Mets (-150) 20 units ***** Game of The Year *****




Posted Tuesday, March 30, 2010 02:49 PM

***Q's Tuesday NCAA***

3 good games tonight, I honestly think each game could go either way... IMO the UNC/RI game is very interesting. People that really don't know much about the sport or even about betting are going to look at this game in vegas and or online and see a team like UNC getting 1 point and jump ALL over it. They may not know about RI nor know about the college basketball season this year.  I think the normal person will hear UNC and jump on it, I think RI takes them down tonight by DD...

Rhoad Island (-1) 5*****

Dayton has been on fire shooting the ball the past month and I have cashed in on it. I am not so sure about tonights game though, at first glace I was thinking Dayton is the play but looking into the game a little more and I think I am gonna have to roll with Miss, I think it is going to come down to the end of the game, but will take Miss +1.

Mississippi (+1) 5*****





Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2010 07:14 PM

NIT - NCAA Tourny Plays!!!

NCAA ( 0-0 )   NIT ( 0-0 )

Let's get the madness started... Been away for a while, waiting for this to start! Let's get it going tonight and roll right into the weekend! BOL to you all


South Florida (-3.5) 3***

UAB (-11) 3***



Posted Friday, February 05, 2010 01:11 PM

Soccer Gods.....

Talk to me guys, anything tasty I could jump on this afternoon? Let me know, Thanks


Posted Friday, May 08, 2009 12:28 PM

*****MLB Friday 5/8*****

MLB 5/8   Ok, 3 day's left in the week and I having one of my best ever. I gotta keep rolling through the weekend. Friday is my biggest day and need a good one tonight! Hope everyone is have a good week     Philadelphia Phillies (-170) C. Hamels Ok, you all know I am a Phillies fan and this could sound like a homer play. It is not that at all. Since Cole Hamels has received a new contract he really has done nothing. Past 2 starts he has been hurt. Tonight he is going to show everyone he is a number 1 pitcher! Phillies pick this one up easy   New York Yankees (-155) C. Sabathia Betting on the Yankees is honestly the hardest thing to do and also not to do. They may not be good, but they are the Yankees so I always feel like they are a top team every year. But slowly I am srating to think they just are not any good. But With C.C tonight against a team I know is not good and a pretty low number I gotta ride with them one more time.   Minnesota Twins (-175) S. Baker Twins are a good team, they really are! And right now they are on a skid, I like them to break out of it tonight at home. Seattle is not to great to start with and with I will take Baker over Jakubauskas tonight!!     NHL-   Boston Bruins (-130)   NBA-   Boston Celtics (+5) LA Lakers (-1.5)     BOL TO EVERYONE TONIGHT!!   Q  ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, May 06, 2009 01:36 PM

*****MLB Wednesday 5/6*****

MLB-   Ok, had a really good start to the day yesterday and ended very bad. Going 7-7 yesterday, Yankees blow and I don't know why I cont to bet them. Last night was just a stupid play on my part but I won't make bad plays on them anymore. Let's get back at it tonight.   Atlanta Braves (-140) D. Lowe Great spot tonight for the braves, they have been on a skid and there last win was when D. Lowe pitched and I see him getting another win tonight. The Marlins have done just what I said a few weeks ago. They are not a good team and they will finish right ahead of Washington at the bottom. They had a great start and now we really see what type of team they are.   Toronto Bluejays (-150) R. Halladay This is more of a pitchers play. Big Roy is the man and just pitches his ass off. The Angles have not been playing well while the BJ's can just tear the cover off the ball. Give Roy a few runs to work with and you have a winner.   Los Angeles Dodgers (-210) C. Kershaw How can you not bet this team right now? They are going to break the home wins record to start a season tonight. They really want to do this and who better to play not only a horrible Washington team, but a Washington team that had to fly across the country last night after a long game vs Houston in which it was called. I know it is a ton of juice to lay, but LAY IT!!     BOL to you all tonight!   Q... [More]

Posted Monday, May 04, 2009 03:48 PM

*****Monday Baseball 5/4*****

MLB- 5/4   Been playing but not posting, have had 2 really solid weeks so I figured I would start posting again! Hope it can continue...   Florida Marlins (-150) - J. Johnson I don't love the Marlins, but they can play ball. They are a young and very low paid team but they do have some fire power. They will last as long as there starting pitchers will keep them in games.   Chicago Cubs (-185) R. Dempster Love the Cubs, they had a rough patch with there bats, but I think they are coming back now. Esp. love them at home tonight. Giants are a much better team then last year, but tonight I think the pitching match-up favors the Cubs in a big way and I am riding them.   Tampa Bay Rays (-220) S. Kazmir Not only do I love this Rays team, I love Kazmir at home. I also hate Adam Eaton and think he is one of the worst pitchers in the game. I would fade him against my old high school team. I think the rays get it done tonight in a big way!     BOL to you all tonight   Q... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 10, 2008 07:06 PM

Huge Play....Bigger Parlay!!!!

Huge night tonight guy's!!!
Arizona D'Backs (-145) 2dimes
$100 to win $1345
Cleveland Indians (-1.5)
Chicago Whitesox (-1.5)
Arizona D'Backs (-1.5)
Let's break the book tonight!!


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