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Posted Sunday, April 22, 2012 07:36 AM

Seattle let perfect game be thrown

Great pitching by Humber, but make no mistake about it--he is an average arm who faced an undisciplined hitting team.

I pointed this out in another thread, when they had King Felix the other night, they made Timlon look better than he was also. They swung at the first pitch in the later innings not once, but EVERY batter except Figgins. Just taking 3 called strikes would have been better for Seattle, all the way to the 7th inning, then swing at hittable pitches. It expends energy to strike hitters out.

This was not all Humber--it was all Seattle.

You have a million dollar pitcher in Felix--a lockdown starter, and he gets outdueled by an average arm.

Wouldnt be surprised if we see a few more shutouts on the M's by anyone who throws strikes with location, especially the next few days. FADE

I would also fade Humber in his next start.

Posted Monday, March 19, 2012 08:32 AM

Final 8 is Lining Up to Be the Following...

Kentucky vs Baylor

Mich St vs Florida

NC State vs UNC

The above matchups (if they happen) would be epic.

Need help on SYR vs Whisky and Cincy vs Ohio St.

This year there are notably very few (if any) finesse teams.

It is all muscle and defense. Yet the teams that also have shooters and premier players have a complete package to go all they way, besides playing for tradition rich schools.

The state of Ohio figures to get at least one team into the finals. My guess is the winner between Ohio St and Cincy can beat Syracuse or Whisky.

Need help with that East bracket.

I haven't reloaded my sports account in 6 years, but I'm runni9n on fumes.

Posted Monday, January 30, 2012 06:14 AM

Manning vs Pats is a better matchup than Brady vs G-Men

Eli is a proven clutch performer; he plays with heart and conviction.

Gmen are one of the elite defenses, and they play with pride.

Pats defense is average. They did ok on Ray Rice, but were lucky to escape at home vs Ravens and their avg QB.

Manning is NOT average. G Men defense is right up there with Balty's, and Brady is in for a tough afternoon.

I think Manning will have some vertical pass openings, big plays, and an effective running game.

Brady has the props and the pub, but Manning has the on par success.

The GMen blue looks to me like the mesmerizing winning color late in this one.

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 09:21 AM

SEC Championship:Georgia vs LSU

Gonna be hard to release the clutch on your dollars and back the Dawgs vs the unanimous #1 team in the land. But sometimes these kinds of wagers are the ones that make money, as opposed to backing the beasts to rip hearts out.

Dawgs have shut down teams that struggle to score.

I believe that at season's end, Boise St will have the unique minor 'victory' of having scored the most points on Georgia, and having the largest margin of victory(14). Georgia will win their Bowl game (let's face it).

Jay-Jay will be the QB, and he essentially is like a Tebow, a fullback who can throw. The accuracy is sometimes suspect, and he gets too anxious trying to do too much. In the course of a game he draws bad penalties (delay of game), fumbles the snap or pulls away from center too early, or highly inaccurate w/ his passes. That being said, I don't think LSU cares initially abt that in their games. It appears that they try beat the shit outta you on the field, and once that's established, they focus on the scoreboard. This is a one sentence restatement of comments from players that have played them this year.

I think the 4 PM start is another ever-so-small-advantage (as opposed to a pure night game when LSU appears to move somehow that much faster and their record at PM bears that out)

Georgia looks like they will hang around. They will not get buried as Arkansas did vs Alabama and LSU. They will not quit, and I be... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 06, 2011 01:44 AM

Expect Nothing...

...and you will never be surprised.
The games will be played
the grass will be growing
watch them both unfold
without desire
and you will understand
you are doing it


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