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Posted Monday, March 19, 2012 08:32 AM

Final 8 is Lining Up to Be the Following...

Kentucky vs Baylor

Mich St vs Florida

NC State vs UNC

The above matchups (if they happen) would be epic.

Need help on SYR vs Whisky and Cincy vs Ohio St.

This year there are notably very few (if any) finesse teams.

It is all muscle and defense. Yet the teams that also have shooters and premier players have a complete package to go all they way, besides playing for tradition rich schools.

The state of Ohio figures to get at least one team into the finals. My guess is the winner between Ohio St and Cincy can beat Syracuse or Whisky.

Need help with that East bracket.

I haven't reloaded my sports account in 6 years, but I'm runni9n on fumes.


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