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Posted Sunday, February 06, 2011 11:14 AM

Prop Play

Prop Play - There will be MORE Total TDs in Super Bowl than Jameer Nelson Assists (vs Boston) (2 units)

Per the stats below of Jameer's last 10 vs the Celts, he averages 3.9 assists per game.  I like my chances of the Pack/Steelers scoring at least 4 TDS in this game to beat Jameer's assists total.

Magic's Last 10 Games vs Celts - Jameer's A=assists (in order of most recent game to latest game)

1) 5 Assists

2) 3

3) 4

4) 5

5) 9

6) 1

7) 4

8) 2

9) 4

10) 2


 Lets all have a profitable day in this big gambling day. 




Posted Wednesday, February 02, 2011 12:19 AM

Superbowl 1st Qtr Play

The play is 1st Quarter Under 9.5 for 2 Units

The Superbowl gives each team a two week layoff.  This is how the Pitt performed after a two week of more layoff.

2010-11 Steelers 1st Quarter results for games after a 2 week of more layoff

Week 1 (first game) - Falcons 0 - arm Pitt 3 UNDER

Week 6 (after bye week) - Browns 3 - arm Pitt 0 UNDER

Division Round of Playoffs - Ravens 14 - arm Pitt 7 OVER

Summary - Pitt went under 1st quarter 2 out of 3 times this season.

Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011 11:20 PM

Super Bowl 7 Point Teaser

Teasers have been kind to me this year. 

My 7 point teaser is Packers +4.5 and Over 39 for 2 units. 

I think this is the best way to play the teaser.  I am think the Steelers can score at least 17 and I think the Pack will take care of the rest to cover the over and score at least 23. 

Posted Monday, January 10, 2011 01:18 AM

Saturday Teaser

7 point teaser

Ravens +10.5 and Pack +8 (2 units)

Ravens and Steelers played 2x and the games were decided by a field goal.  Ravens haven't lost all season by more than 5 points.

Packers lost by a field goal to the Falcons in the ATL.  Packers haven't lost all season by more than 4 points. 

Posted Friday, December 24, 2010 06:27 PM

Ravens +700 to Win the Division

This looks like it has great value and nice hedge opportunities ahead.  I see the Ravens being the 5 seed and Jets as the 6 seed as wildcards.  I believe hedge apportunities will come about since the Ravens should not be underdogs in any of their playoff games, by more than 3 points. 

1st round playoffs - Ravens will likely face the Colts.  Although you can never count out Manning, I think the Ravens will control this game from the beginning.

Then, in the 2nd round, I see the Ravens facing the Patriots.  Everyone is on Brady to take the Pats to the Superbowl.  However, from the last two matchups with the Ravens and Pats, Ravens won the 1st won and in the 2nd matchup were up 20-10 in the 4th quarter and then blew it.  I like the Ravens chances here.

Finally, in the last game, here is where I would hedge my bet.  I think the Ravens play the Steelers (again) and the winner (Ravens or Steelers )will win by 3 points. 

Thanks for considering this opportunity. 

Posted Wednesday, December 08, 2010 12:31 AM

Division Winner Bet

Lots of juice for Falcons -200 to win the AFC South but it's worth it.  Currently, Falcons are 10-2 and Saints are 9-3. 

Falcons remaining schedule is: 2 games against the Panthers, 1 at the Seahawks, and 1 home game vs the Saints. 

Saints remaining schedule is: Rams at home, at the Ravens, at the Falcons, Bucs.

Personally, I think Saints lose both at the Ravens and the Falcons; and Falcons run the table.....

However, even if the Saints run the table including a victory over the Falcons, Falcons will still win the division via tiebreaker if they win the other games vs the Panthers twice and the Seahawks.  In this scenario, the tiebreaker that the Falcons would win is victories over common opponents:

Common opponents differences (Falcons 2-1 edge): Steelers (Saints won,Falcons loss), Cardinals (Falcons won, Saints loss), Browns (Falcons won, Saints loss)

I am risking 4 units to win 2 units.  Good luck.

Posted Sunday, October 17, 2010 07:40 PM

Jonathan Sanchez vs the Home Plate Ump

W/L O/U Runs Str. % HR Pit.
Dan Iassogna 22-12 13-20 8.09 63.3 1.4 285.7

Sanchez has not fare well with tonights home plate ump.  He is 1-3 with this ump, although winning his last game with this ump. 

 Furthermore, the home plate ump has a 22-12 record in favor of the home team.

Oswalts last game with this ump was in 2005 so I usually discount this information (he is 2-1 with this ump).

Therefore, I like my chances the Phillis ML tonight.


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