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Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2010 11:30 AM

Covers Community Votes

The Covers.com community forum has had a voice in the online sportsbetting industry since 2001. With thousands of active members placing bets every day, the Covers forum is the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Our members have submitted their votes for their favorite sportsbook and the results are shown below.


If you haven't participated - visit your space page and vote today! Stay tuned to this page for the latest updated poll results.We're asking all our Covers Community members to vote on their favorite sportsbook. 


The Covers forum is home to the most knowledgeable sports bettors in the industry so who better to rate the best online sportsbooks?  Choose your favorite Sportsbook, and see how it stacks up against the competition.  You can evaluate Sportsbooks and establish the most popular books in the Covers Community by comparing vote percentages based on user selections.  You'll also help others make the right choice by determining and recommending the best overall Sportsbooks in the industry.

Give us your input and let your voice be heard.  You can also visit the Gaming Industry section (http://www.covers.com/postingforum/post01/showmain.aspx?spt=9) of our Posting Forum to discuss Sportsbooks in greater detail.

Posted Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:15 AM

Covers 2009 Top 5 Threads of the Year

Hey Guys,

The Mods and I will usually add some classic threads into the Archives from time to time, but it's been awhile since I added anything in there.

We saw some pretty hilarious and outrageous threads in 2009 and I wanted to open up a fun contest where we can vote on the Top 5 Covers threads of 2009. To spice things up a bit I brought in Belmont sportsbook to sponsor this contest.

Belmont has graciously offered up a $100 Free Play Account with 6x rollover to the creator of each of the Top 5 Threads!

Make a post in this thread listing your 5 favorite threads from 2009, and please post a link to each thread if you can. I will tally the votes at 12pm EST on Friday, Jan. 22nd and then announce the winners.

Best of luck to all!


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